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Credit Report Questions and Answers

Do you have credit report questions? Perhaps you are looking for a free credit repair help forum. Find a cool credit question and answer forum below.

Today, when many are ready to buy a house, they find that they have done damage to their credit. Now, you want to go forward in finding that dream home, but realize you will have to take some action with your financial status.

I've created this free credit repair help question and answer page as a way for you to get this badly needed help. If you are in a hurry and want to ask your question now, click here.

Many have done this damage while they were going to college. Remember those easy to get credit cards? They may have helped you through those necessary purchases while going to school, but now they are working against you.

All is not lost, you can take corrective action now. Each persons situation will be slightly different, so you need help that is catered to your special circumstances.

Here you go...ask away!

But if you would like to review what others have asked and may have been answered already, click here. You can benefit from this awesome section of this page by reading what's already been asked and answered.

You will find a wealth of tips and suggestions to help you get your financial picture ready to buy that first home. You may have questions like what credit score is a good score? Or what can you do when you don't have any credit yet? Perhaps you want to know what all affects your credit report.

It doesn't matter the question. Everything you wonder about is  important to you, so don't hesitate to ask. I can be your guide to improve your credit report so you can buy that awesome home.

But remember, it takes time to improve your situation, so come back often to ask your questions.

Free Credit Repair Help Offered to Others

Click below to see the questions and answers from other visitors to this page...

New Loans on Credit Report 
How long does it take new loans to show on a credit report? I took a small loan out on the 28th and was wondering when it would show on a credit report. …

Who pays for the lender credit - Loan Officer or bank? 
I have a question for you. Who is should be responsible for paying the lender credit? Would this be the loan officer who is responsible? Or is the …

Lowest credit score that can qualify for a home purchase 
I have one question here. What is the very lowest credit score that I could possibly have and still be able to meet the mortgage loan qualifications …

My Credit Score 
My husband and I have a combined credit score of 597. Is it even worth applying for a loan or should we work on our credit for a couple more years …

How do I remove paid off collections from my credit report? 
I have paid off two bills that were on my credit report. How do I get them off my credit report? I have letters stating they are paid off. =====ANSWERS===== …

Statement of Termination 
I was under contact with a property and got my interest rate locked with my lender and during inspections there were problems and I withdrew my offer …

1st Time Home Buyer - Turned Down Due to Not Enough Debt History 
My daughter lives in Fargo, ND and was pre-qualified for a loan and was scheduled to close this Friday. She is a college graduate, has a great credit …

No Social Security Number 
If my husband does not have a SS number but we work and have been renting for years we know we can buy a house please help. ======ANSWER====== …

My Credit Score? 
I was told I do not have a credit score, what does that mean and what should I do about it? =====ANSWER===== Dear Michael, Thank you very …

Only One Credit Report Score 
Recently I went to my bank to inquire about a home loan. After running my credit report, they said only 1 number registered. My score is 775. I have 2 …

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