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FHA Loan Eligibility

by Ryan
(New York)

Just a quick question I was looking for guidance on.

I had purchased a home awhile ago with a girlfriend, both our names were on the title and it was through the FHA loan program. We went separate ways a few years afterwards and I agreed to sign the house over to her, which she still lives in/owns today. I'm completely off the deed now, and any association to that home. It's been approximately 2 years since.

I wanted to know if I'd still be a candidate for a FHA loan? Or does that situation disqualify me.

I'm assuming I meet the other requirements, since I surpassed them before and my situation has only improved.

Thank you,


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FHA Loan Eligibility Question
by: Jeffrey

Hello Ryan,

Thank you for coming by my website and asking your questions.

I know you mentioned you signed off on the deed. You did not mention if you had her refinance the property so you could get off the mortgage.

That is a very important step if you have not done so. Lenders will generally not let you off a mortgage just because you signed off on the deed. Did the lender re-qualify your ex-girl friend so she has her own mortgage?

If you are off of the mortgage, then yes you can qualify for a new mortgage providing you meet the lenders guidelines.

However, there must be a period of 3 years to be considered a first time home buyer. I know of some great programs that can still help you even though it may not have been 3 years since you had a mortgage.

Reach out to me using my contact form in the footer of my website for more details.

Kind Regards,


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