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Fixing Credit Report Errors - You Can Do This!

Fixing credit report errors can improve your score, learn how.

If there are errors on your credit report, this can contribute to a negative report, which will adversely impact your chances of getting a favorable loan for your first home purchase.

Thus, fixing credit report errors should be very high on your list of things to do, as well as keeping your personal credit score at least at 620.

Your credit report is a report that is produced by credit companies. It is essentially a report that uses complicated, mathematical formulas or algorithms to determine how likely you are going to be in paying your bills.

Your credit score is based upon this report, and a lower credit score is going to be quite unfavorable for your chances of getting a loan with a favorable rate for your home-buying ambition.

Your credit score is based upon this report, and a lower credit score is going to be quite unfavorable for your chances of getting a loan with a favorable rate for your home-buying ambition.

In contrast, a relatively high credit score—such as one that is above at least 620—is going to increase your chances of helping you obtain a loan with a better interest rate.

Tips to Improve Credit Score

fixing credit report errors
  • Always pay your bills on time and make it a point to avoid any late payments.
  • Avoid filing for bankruptcy since this stain on your credit record will stay there for up to 10 years.
  • Do not max out any of your credit cards.
  • Ask your credit card company for increases in the limit of your credit.
  • Avoid any collections, which means being certain of being able to make your payments before you add more to your debt.

Repair Credit Report

  • Order a copy of your credit report from one of the 3 main credit bureaus.
  • Review said copy of the credit report.
  • If you notice any errors that contribute to harming your credit score, promptly file a dispute with the credit bureau that you are dealing with.

It's that simple, just dispute or send a brief statement and your on your way to fixing those errors! This is not a quick process though. It will take time to get those errors fixed. But it's important to make sure your credit file is accurate.

My Fixing Credit Report Errors Experience

For example, a problem I had to fix on my own credit had to do with my social security number. I had one employer in my early years that reported my social security number wrong. So I had two social security numbers associated with my account.

This required some effort to get this inaccuracy corrected. It's amazing how many wrong things you may find. So don't hesitate to get them fixed. You want your information to be as correct as possible.

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