First Time Home Buyer Grants

by Jeff Ragan

Extensive Mississippi first time home buyer grants found. Find the best grants for home buying in Mississippi and other home mortgage grants that suits your needs below.

Are you looking for a home in Mississippi? Buying a home in any state is a wonderful step in the right direction!

Although very exciting, it can also be overwhelming!

However, don't let yourself become discouraged with the process. It is my plan to give you some useful information about grants that will help you if your looking for some money for your down payment.

This type of assistance might be compared to receiving a house made of money since they help you buy that awesome home.

mississippi grants for home buying

Grants for Home Buying in Mississippi

The State of Mississippi does offer a Mississippi first time home buyer grants program for its residents. This is good news because not all states are able to offer assistance to first time home buyers. Mississippi currently offers one type of grant.

This state provides free money for its residents that need help with the down payment and closing costs on their first home. The funds are state grants.

This is quite an opportunity for Mississippi residents so don’t pass it up! So take the time to educate yourself on this grant. The state agency that maintains Mississippi's first time home buyer grants program is the Mississippi Home Corporation.

The grant is called the "Down Payment Assistance Program" and can provide up to three percent (3%) of the amount of the mortgage. For more information, you should visit the Mississippi Down Payment Assistance Program website.

Federal Home Mortgage Grants

In addition, the federal government offers grant assistance for first time home buyers in Mississippi. This program is maintained by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and is called the Homes and Communities program. Their website contains useful information and applications.

The website for the grant program maintained by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development can be visited by using this link, HUD Grant Information.

Additional Home Buying Grants

Another website I would recommend that you view is Government Grants. This website offers a list of all federal government grant programs. It would be a good idea to take some time and browse through this site to see what it offers and the qualifications for application.

Obtaining Mississippi first time home buyer grants is very time consuming, so be sure to allow yourself plenty of time for the whole process.

In fact, while you're waiting for the process to finish, try to start saving a little money. Why should I do this if I'm applying for grant monies? Well, if you don't get those monies, you may find you have enough saved for a low down payment program.

If the grant comes through and don't need the money, good, now you have money to purchase other things you may need for the home.

One low down payment program is the FHA loan products. So you may want to see if you qualify for one of them.

No matter what, you will need a lender who will work with one of these programs. Not all do! Finding a lender who understands your needs can be difficult. , has helped millions of people like you buy their first home.

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