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Repair Credit Report Information!

If you need repair credit report information, please look at this page for free details how you can do this yourself.

So, you need to repair your credit report and need information to do so. You have decided that today is the day! You have started a new season in your life with this decision and here are the tools to start the process of credit repair.

Order Your Reports

If you truly want to begin to repair credit report history, you will first need to obtain copies of your credit reports from all three credit reporting agencies. These agencies are TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

Any first time home buyer are able to request a FREE COPY of their credit report EACH YEAR from EACH of the three credit reporting agencies.

Inspect Them Closely

repair credit report

Once you receive your credit reports, review them to acquaint yourself with the information contained in each report. Credit reports contain personal information, such as your name and address, and credit information, such as the names and addresses of creditors, amounts owed, your payment history, etc. This way you can decide if you need to do some credit repair.

In attempting to repair credit report information, you need to understand that the credit reporting agencies can only delete or revise information that is incorrect or cannot be validated by the creditor.

Keeping this in mind, as you inspect your credit report look for inaccurate information which can then be challenged and for old and outdated information. Your creditor may not be able to validate the items any longer because of the passing of time. This may mean they can be removed.

Repair Credit Report Information - Dispute Your Credit Report

Once these items are located, send a letter to the corresponding credit reporting agency to request that the credit reporting agency confirm the information. The credit reporting agency will then contact the creditor in question and will request validation of the entry.

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the credit reporting agency has a "reasonable" amount of time to request and obtain validation of the creditor's negative credit entry. A "reasonable" amount of time is widely understood to be thirty days from the date of receipt of your request.

If, after thirty days from the date of your request, the creditor has not submitted to the credit reporting agency its validation of your claim or has not responded at all, the credit reporting agency MUST remove that entry from your credit report.

Be Courteous and Polite

When corresponding with representatives of these agencies on the telephone, remember to always be courteous and polite. Your interaction will always be more constructive if everyone involved keeps their temper under control.

So, your new season has begun with your decision to work on making your credit stronger than ever! I wish you success in endeavor!

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