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Who is my mortgage company?

by Craig

I have been divorced for a little over two years now. I allowed my ex-wife to stay in the house since the kids would be living with her. Both of our names are on the mortgage but, as stated in the decree, she agreed to pay the monthly mortgage plus all taxes, MUD fees, etc. that went along with owning the house.

The idea was to get the house ready to sell and do so quickly. This has not come near to happening.

I am wanting my name off the mortgage, which she has agreed to get done however, she has made no moves to do so. She has been responsible for all of our bills in our 25 years of marriage so I do not even know who our lender or mortgage company is and I cannot get this information out of her!

She has now not paid MUD taxes for several years and lawyers are calling ME.

My question is: Is there some way for me to get this information (who my lender/mortgage company is) without going through her? I have no account number, paperwork, etc.

Thank you.


Hello Craig,

Thank you for stopping by my website and asking your questions.

I do have an answer for you. You can go to my page on free credit scores and use the link at the top of the page. You do have to sign up for a monitoring service but you can quit any time you want.

You need to know your credit score situation anyway. Since she is not paying MUD tax (not sure what that is) chances are you have liens against you already. That could be why you are getting phone calls.

By getting a complete credit report with scores, you will see who your mortgage company is. It may have just a partial account number, but at least you should get the name of the mortgagor.

You can then research them, call them (sometimes the entire account number and phone number may show on the report) and give them the property address and your social security number and they will be able to look you up.

It sounds like an unfriendly situation you have going there. The only way to get you off the mortgage is to sell the house and pay it off or she has to refinance it.

As you know, a divorce decree does not subordinate a mortgage or relieve you of the obligations of the contract.

Your personal credit is getting destroyed and you may not even realize it.

I wish you the best.

Kind Regards,

Jeffrey Ragan

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