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1st Time Home Buyer Grant - How to Find Grants?

What is a 1st time home buyer grant? Discover on this site what first home buyer grants really are and where to find them. Mortgage grants are awesome assistance.

True home mortgage grants, although hard to find, is better than any down payment assistance programs out there. Why? Simple really. You do not have to pay them back.

Another awesome aspect of true home mortgage grants is the seller is not required to make a contribution to any charities. The first time home buyer grant must meet the requirements of the government loan program. The guidelines vary from state to state. A true first home buyer grant is based on your median income, family size and what agency may be HUD approved in your locality.

True Home Mortgage Grants

Save yourself the money and do not buy all the various books, etc that are marketed on the Internet and in the book stores. You can find all the information you need FREE right here on the this website.

I do want you to know that patience is needed. The Federal Government allocates money to these agencies each year. When the money runs out, you have to wait until next year.

1st time home buyer grant monies

Although money for home mortgage grants each year numbers into the billions, it does get used up fairly quickly. The agencies will lose the funds for the next year if they do not use them up so be sure to get in early.

Normally these programs use what's called a "silent second or soft second" on your home. Allowed by HUD the agency will put a second lien on your home with some conditions attached.

Typically these conditions are spelled out in the application process for the 1st time home buyer grant.

Normally you do not have to make monthly payments for these grants. However, each program is different so be sure to get all the details.

Why Use a 1st Time Home Buyer Grant?

Now why would you want to use home mortgage grants? Well the obvious reason is that it is free money. If you need and qualify for one of these grants, then go for it. However, if you do not, then down payment assistance programs may be your best option.

The main thing is your income. This is the requirement that you must meet first. As a warning, the income limitations are set rather low, however, once again this varies by state and county.

Finding a 1st time home buyer grant is not easy. However, this website will give you all the tools you need to locate these home mortgage grants.

How to Find First Home Grants

To find what grants are available in your state go to our First Time Home Buyer Grants State Lists and navigate to your particular state.

Or use this how to find grants map to to make it easier.

Have More Questions...

Learn what to look for in a good loan officer that knows how to work with these programs.

If you have a question or would like some additional assistance while working with your loan officer, do not hesitate to ask.

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