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New York First Time Home Buyers Story

by Vince
(White Plains, NY)

New York is a different animal when it comes to closing on a home. We use attorneys here for the closing, which is called 'escrow' in other parts of the country.

My story involves a lesson. That lesson is to learn as much about homes as possible before buying, and I mean that from a physical inspection standpoint.

I went along with the engineer for the home inspection. First mistake: going with an engineer recommended by the realtor.

However, I know about houses. I noticed a strange line in the basement. The engineer said he could barely notice it, and that in any event it was nothing to worry about.

The line was a horizontal line about 4 feet from the floor. It went around the whole basement.

My bells went off. To me, this had to be a sign of a flood. The engineer said no, not to worry, they weren't close to a flood zone, but I was persistent.

By the way, this was one of the nicest houses we'd looked at. The kitchen was flawless, with a really great gas range, all new appliances, and one of the best refrigerators you could ever imagine. My wife loved it.

Well, to make a long story short, I asked around before making a bid. I talked to the neighbor, and sure enough, there was a flood there-and it had in fact flooded many times.

So, if you see a ring around the basement that matches the ring around the tub, think twice!

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Buying My First Home

by Matthew

My Home

My Home

It was finally time to move out of my parent’s house. I didn’t want to move out but, I thought it was time because I was old enough and had a good job established. My girlfriend and I wanted a place to call our own.

We first started out buy figuring out how much money we could put down on a house and how much we could afford. We figured out how much to put away for bills and other expenses.

During that month we went online and shopped around looking for homes to buy. There were a ton of houses on the market then in 2008. We must have gone to twenty open houses and none of them really fit our criteria, or really felt right.

Then with a stroke of luck, my girlfriend’s grandma’s best friend wanted to sell her moms house. It was the perfect size and a great starter house for us. It needed some work but all in all it was perfect.

After a couple months the friend sold us the house for an amazing price. The process was long and boring with a lot of waiting.

Finally the day came to sign the papers! Finally we get our new home. It was the happiest day of our lives!

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Bliss in a Bungalow

by Cheryl
(Lewiston, NY, USA)

We were newlyweds and our love for the ocean was consuming our leisure time in a most luxuriating manner. To return to our apartment after a day on the waves brought a veil of depression over us each time we motored homeward.

Finances were not a concern for us and although we both were employed with entry level jobs we were anticipating with eagerness our yearly bonuses in a few months. We had not discussed what we would do with the extra money since we did not have any outstanding debts. Most likely we would toss it into our savings for a rainy day.

Driving home this particular day, we espied at the same time a very small cottage at the end of the oceanfront lane. It was secluded behind tall pine trees, but the sale sign was in plain sight. We screamed and he slammed on the brakes. Walking around the cottage, we noted the shutters peeling and desperately in need of a coat of green paint to offset the brown cedar wood abode. Peeking in the cobwebbed windows we gleaned at the cozy fireplace in the nest-like living room.

We were so excited. In a flash we called the Realtor listed on the sign and we had an appointment to view the inside the next day.

Our credit was excellent and we used our rainy day savings, even though we changed that phrase to "sunny days savings". In less than a week, we were the proud owners of our own bungalow on the beach and we could not be happier!

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