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Hello this is Jeff Ragan owner of first-time-home-buyer-solutions.com. On this page I want to give you the fine print. According to the new 2009 guidelines by the FTC, I must reveal to you if I am compensated by any parties you may link to from this website.

If you are new to first-time-home-buyer-solutions.com, you should know that I create all of the content on this site and offer it free to my Visitors. The content is based on my personal experiences during my mortgage lending career from which I am now retired.

This website is my personal site. It accepts advertising and other forms of compensation. Such compensation does not influence the information in this site. I always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences.

"Ads by Google" are not selected by me, so if you see a Google ad and a Web page about the same product or service, it is a coincidence.

I only accept non-Google sponsorships from providers of high-quality goods or services. I appreciate their recognition and support of this site.

For instance, first-time-home-buyer-solutions.com receives compensation for advertising SiteSell.com. Rest assured that the actual content on sponsored pages are independent of any sponsorship or affiliate relationship.

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The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for personalized professional advice. All numbers are estimated and are for illustrative purposes. Rates (if you ever see any) are published for convenience only, vary with no advance warning, are not guaranteed, and should not be relied upon. You are encouraged to consult a lender for a current rate quote and seek advice from qualified professionals, for example, attorneys, accountants, financial planners, housing counselors, mortgage lenders, and/or real estate agents, regarding your individual situation. Comments and opinions found here are not necessarily those of first-time-home-buyer-solutions.com and its owners.

So this is what we call the FTC compensation disclosure compliance page. In other words, this is for your own protection, and it is my way of making sure that I comply so you can be fully informed.

In some places on this website you will find that I may recommend a service or a product. If indeed you purchase that product, I may or may not get paid.

So now that you know the fine print we can get on with the real business.

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