About Us Here at First Time Home Buyer Solutions

Welcome to my “About Me” page! My name is Jeff Ragan. I realize that you do not know me. At least not yet. I’m hoping that this page can help you know a little bit about me, who I am and what I do.

First let me put your mind at rest. Nowhere on this website will you find me asking for any confidential information. Never will I ask for your social security number or anything like that.

This website is for informational purposes only. I never ask for money either. Not one thin dime. This website is supported by advertisers. Now if you’re an advertiser, yes I will ask for money from you!

Click here to go to my contact page to discuss sponsoring opportunities for this site. Mind you I’m rather picky who I work with. I want nothing but the best for my web visitors.

I’m sure that you’re the kind of person that wants to learn about who the owner of this website is. After all, you would not be on this page if that was not the case. I sense that you want to find someone that you can trust to help you through one of the biggest financial decisions of your life.

Or, maybe you’re a real estate agent, mortgage loan officer or even a large commercial firm just checking me out. That’s OK too!! So here we go:


Well, as I said above, my name is Jeff Ragan. I’m the proud owner of this website, I’m a Real Estate Instructor licensed in the state of Florida, plus I’m a Real Estate Broker. In the past, before the 2008 financial crisis I was also in the mortgage industry working with a national lender.

So here’s my story:

Way back in 2005 I put this website up to help educate first time home buyers. I’ve always had a passion to help people looking to buy that first home. I still have the same burning desire to help. That’s why I’ve kept this site up and continue to update it with new information each month.

This site gets tens of thousands of unique visitors every year. Most, if not all are people like you looking for solid and reliable information on the home buying process. When I was working for the national lender, I had a contact page to help people obtain financing. I handled millions of dollars in mortgages for several years. Everything was done over the phone and online.

Then the mortgage bubble was about to pop (early 2008) and I lost my job. So I stopped doing mortgages and started working with lenders who paid me for the mortgage leads. I stopped selling leads a few years ago and just flipped to an information site only.

In the fall of 2014 I become a real estate agent in Tallahassee Florida. Again, I chose to work with first time home buyers. So now, rather than helping with the financing I was helping people become the proud owners of their first home by helping them find it.

What an exciting time that is. Helping people find their new dream home. The satisfaction it brings me cannot be described.

I found that my mortgage background was most helpful. I could help my customers find the best mortgage product based on their personal needs. Once I had them qualified with a reputable lender, then I would go out and help them find a home.

About 2 years ago (spring of 2016) I become a Real Estate Broker licensed in Florida. I learned that I can refer real estate transactions anywhere in the USA. I’ve been able to help several folks in this manner now.

If you want to check me out, follow the link below to the Florida Department Business & Professional Regulation.  Simply enter my broker number 3299336 in the box “License Number” and you will see I’m telling you the truth.

While you’re there, check out my Brokerage Company. Using the same link, enter the license number for my LLC. It’s 1052763.

If you really want to know who I am, also search my Real Estate Instructors license, it’s 1003223. Overlook the company that has the same number as me. They went out of business over 7 years ago. I’m not sure why the state allowed me to have their old number.

Here’s the link, click here! 

I also work as a personal coach at no cost to you. I help you find suitable financing by holding your hand and walking you through the entire process. I help you know what questions to ask, things to look for and so much more. This FREE coaching does not cost my web visitors a single penny.

I’m saving you time, money and mistakes. All for no cost!

By now you’re probably wondering why would I do that? Did that question come up in your mind?

Becoming a referral realtor has worked out really well for my website visitors and me too! You see, when we work together, when I make the referral to a realtor in your town, they share their commission with me. I get a little piece of the commission paid by the seller of the house you buy.

I only ask that you remain loyal to me, stay in close communication on how the process is going so I can get paid for helping you.

So, now you know a little bit about me and what I do. I’m hoping that if you’re serious about buying a home that you will allow me to help you. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Click here to go to my coaching page. Fill out the little form and we’ll be talking soon!