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There are Alternatives to
Filing Bankruptcy!

Are there alternatives to filing bankruptcy?
Discover what else you can do!

One may wonder, are there alternatives to filing bankruptcy? Well my dear friend, please read this page over closely. There are some very good bankruptcy alternatives you can find right here on this page. Below you will learn some of the easiest steps you can take so you can realize your dream of home ownership.

So first, let me ask you: Are you on the precipice of bankruptcy but would like to preserve your credit so you can buy a home soon? Bankruptcy alternatives should always be considered if you're thinking about purchasing a home.

If you're a first time home buyer and you have a few credit issues you need to resolve, it's important to realize that alternatives to filing bankruptcy are available. Some people deal with credit problems and immediately turn to bankruptcy. However, this can wreck your dream of purchasing a home.

Just try to put yourself in the shoes of the lender for a moment. Would you loan $100,000 to somebody that just filed bankruptcy in the past year or two? Probably not right? You would want to see a good pattern of that person paying their bills on time for several years.

If you can see it from the lenders eyes, now you understand why you need to avoid filing bankruptcy if at all possible.

It's important to keep your credit score at a minimum of 620 if your goal is to purchase a home in the near feature.

To help you go from the precipice of bankruptcy to purchasing a new home, here are some great alternatives to filing bankruptcy you can use to preserve your home buying credit.

alternatives to filing bankruptcy

Top Alternatives To Filing Bankruptcy or Options

In many cases, bankruptcy is avoidable, even if you have a few credit problems.

Here is a look at some of the bankruptcy alternatives you may want to try.

  • Selling Assets – If you have any assets, now may be the time to sell what you can. Selling off assets can help you get debt under control so you avoid bankruptcy and improve your credit score.
  • Negotiate Lower Interest Rates – Credit card debt may be causing some of your credit problems and it's easy to get over your head with credit card debt. Try talking with creditors to negotiate lower interest rates that help lower your overall debt making it faster for you to eliminate your credit card debt.
  • Try Debt Settlement – When you find it tough to keep up with payments, debt settlement may help you settle debts for lower than the original debt. You negotiate for a settlement that will help you eliminate the debt for good. However, keep in mind this will cause a blemish on your credit and give reason for the mortgage lenders to deny you a loan. You will need a few years of payment history to recover from this.
  • Debt Consolidation – If you're dealing with many debts, debt consolidation may help you to avoid bankruptcy. Debt consolidation includes taking a loan to pay off all debts. Then you only have one monthly payment to make and you'll usually save on interest.
  • Credit Counseling – Credit counseling is another of the bankruptcy options to consider. Good companies will help you manage debt by developing a good budget. They often help you negotiate down debt as well. Once again, if using a agency such as this, it could slow down the home buying process until you establish yourself a good 2 years history for paying your debts on time.

So in summary, do whatever you can to avoid filing for bankruptcy. As you can see there are alternatives to filing bankruptcy when you stop and think about them.

Bankruptcy is not a good option for first time home buyers. You definitely want to preserve your credit so you can enjoy your dream of owning a home. Follow these alternatives to filing bankruptcy and you'll be able to save your credit so you are able to make that home purchase in the near future.

If you really make an effort to follow these simple steps, you will soon realize your dream of home ownership. Prices of homes and mortgage rates have never been lower. You efforts will be rewarded.

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Now if you have been working to improve your situation and need just a little help, then help has arrived. Investigate how to do your own credit repair!

Want to ask a question? Use this cool forum to gain more needed insight!

Disclaimer: This information is not provided for legal advice or opinion, but is for general information only. Since laws vary from state to state, seek the help of a professional in your area for any legal advice.

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