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Apply for a FHA Loan While Separated

by Nick
(Los Angeles, CA)

I'm thinking of buying property here in the state of CA. I have been separated from my wife for 5 years. We do not own any property together. If my wife signs a quit claim deed that I have notarized, may I be eligible to apply for the FHA loan?


Hello Nick,

I wanted to say thank you for visiting my site and asking your question.

However, first of all, what you're asking is border lining legal advice. I'm certainly not qualified to do that.

From a mortgage point of view, since I'm very familiar with the FHA loan, I can say this.

You can buy a home without your wife. As long as you can meet the minimum mortgage qualifications it should be not problem.

Where you may encounter problems is when you go the sell the home. I do not know the laws of your state. It appears from my quick search that you are a community property state. This requires equal distribution of property.

Since you claim to be separated and not divorced, your situation may be a little sticky. Please seek legal advice.

I hope you find this helpful. Please feel free to like us in FaceBook or give our website a shout out in Twitter. By helping me spread the word I can continue to make this site free for all to use.

Kind Regards,


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Is it possible to get an FHA loan & grants, for a home with in-law apartment...

by Lee H.
(Nashua, NH USA)


I am awaiting to hear from lenders to find out what exactly I am eligible for. Right now I have a consultant disputing a few things on my credit report.

I am a single mom, first time home buyer and want to find out about if I try for a home with an in law apartment so my parents can retire and pay rent to me.

However, if I have my Dad on the lease does this void any opportunity of getting help, as I would without him on it? I was told by the consultant, to keep my mortgage low 600-700 he will go for approx 155K.

As I mentioned we have a home picked out and I do not know what my options are at this point, or am I on hold until I hear back from the lenders the consultant send to me.

I just don't know where to go to get answers and I have no experience with what to do regarding buying a home.

Thank you for you time


Hello Lee,

First of all, good job in getting yourself into position to buy a house. Also thank you for stopping by my site and asking your questions.

With an FHA home loan you can buy 1-4 units so in answer to your question about buying a home with a mother-in-law apartment, yes you can.

The only thing that makes it difficult is the qualifying for the loan. You have be able to make the payments and meet the (DTI) debt to income ratio.

Some lenders will allow you to count a percent of the rental income and include it in your DTI while others will not. Normally you would need a signed lease even before you buy the home. Each lender may have a different guideline over and above what FHA allows.

So be sure to know what the requirements are. In most cases it should work like a normal FHA loan in regards to down payment, credit min 680 score) and other requirements.

The income part of it is what may be a little tricky.

I hope things work out for you.

Kind Regards,

Jeff Ragan

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Sump pump in basement
by: Tracy

My question is.. Is a sump pump required for a home in the basement to be sold as an FHA loan. The internet just keeps mentioning if there is one it doesn't imply one is required.

FHA Loan Requirement of a Sump pump in basement
by: Jeffrey

If there is a sump crock in your basement and it has standing water, I imagine the FHA inspector would require it.

If its been dry for a very long time and it can be proven, perhaps he/she will not require it. However, the hole would have to be filled in because of the safety hazard.

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