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Your Bankruptcy Question
and the Mortgage

Do you have a bankruptcy question related to getting a mortgage? This a cool place to ask and find answers to these questions in relation to obtaining a mortgage.

If you are in a hurry to ask, ask here.

I have had different ones come to me wondering about applying for a mortgage and with their filing. Some may not have taken this step yet and want to know how it would affect their chances.

Others had no choice but to file and now feel they are in a better position to fill out a mortgage application. Can they apply? Do they have to wait a long time? What steps can they take to put themselves in a better position, if they have to wait?

These are the type of questions to find answers in this area of my website. If you would like to see what others have asked and had answered already click here.

I'm not an attorney, so I cannot give legal advice. But I have helped others to get a mortgage after filing for bankruptcy. So let me help you too!

Perhaps your question is concerning the effect a short sale may have on your desire to purchase a home. Many have experienced this in the recent past. If that is you, ask away! You may be surprised at what you will learn!

When you ask your question, help me understand the details surrounding it. Every situation is different. The only way I can help you personally, is to understand your particular circumstances as completely as possible.

This is very important. I'm not able to see what you're talking about. So you will need to give me as much information as you can. Otherwise I have to give general answers because I'm not familiar with your situation.

So give me enough information so I can detail the answer to you personally!

Now, you do not have to give personal information, like social security number, etc. But give enough so I can give you an appropriate answer.

You can get a mortgage, even with a bankruptcy on your credit report. Let me be your guide to your dreams....go ahead...pick my brain!

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