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Bankruptcy Does Not Have to Stop You From
Buying a Home!

Can I still buy a house?

The Bankruptcy process stops many people from trying to get a home loan. A mortgage is not impossible! Find the best information and how to buy a home when you have filed.

What I want to do on this page is provide you with some articles about this process and the effects it may have on your getting a home loan. We don't have to feel all is lost. There are things that can be done.

Home Loan After Bankruptcy Experience

I had a customer one time that called me up. He had been through a BK (BK loan officer term for this situation) a few years before. He was renting and paying over $700 a month. His family was growing and they needed space.

bankruptcy and home loan possibilities

After talking with him, I discovered that he had been working hard to get his bills in order. In fact it had been over 2 years since his BK had been discharged. He had a good job, things had improved for him financially and they wanted to buy a house. The only problem was his mental impression of the BK. He thought he had to wait 7 years before he could get a mortgage after bankruptcy!

I explained to him that since he was past the 2 year discharge date of his BK and had re-established credit, he likely would qualify for a home loan after a BK. His credit had improved.

He had been working on the same job for several years. His rental history was good. He even had a little money saved up. So he applied for a loan and was pre-qualifed and bought a home just a few months later. He and his wife were so happy on closing day they had tears in their eyes. He thanked me for helping them get a home. He told me again, “I just didn’t think it was possible since I had filed!”

Moral of This Mortgage Experience

Now what’s the moral of this story?? Even if you filed yesterday, in some cases you can still get a home loan.

All you need is the education on what’s available to you. Again, you need someone that knows the loan programs out there, (Since there are thousands, you need this kind of help) and will help you through the process.

Where Would You Like To Go Next?

Would you like to understand more how to file? BK Process gives you the steps.

Are you wondering about applying for a loan once you have filed? Can You Get Credit After BK will teach your how.

Before you decide on filing as a solution, consider some Alternatives to BK.

Would you like to know how BK affects Your Property and Assets? Click on the link to gain a better understanding of this.

What about the bill collectors? BK and Bill Collectors explains what happens after you file.

Here's one type of BK you may want to understand, Chapter 7 BK.

How can you handle the bankruptcy and your bills? BK and Bills shows you what will happen. 

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