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Best Real Estate Agents - Directory

I want to help you find the best real estate agents in your local area that work well with first time home buyers. This awesome database will allow you to locate the real estate agent that understands your personal needs.

Two easy ways to find what you're looking for:

1. The Quick Search Method:

If you enter your city, state or province, or even if you know the name of the real estate agent or agency you're looking for in the search box below, you should find someone that can help you. Listings from our best real estate agents directory will be displayed right here!

2. The Geographical Search Method:

If you scroll down the page further, you will find a geographical listing of all the real estate agents or agencies in our directory. This is great if you want to know how many real estate agents or agencies are in a particular state, or if you just prefer looking at a list in a directory and then select from that.

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OK, can't find any agents showing up in your local area? DO not fear my friend! It is possible that since this directory is new, they may not have submitted their listing to our on-site directory yet. I'm working on that. But to help you out, we've included a second search box below that will return results from all over the internet.

All you have to do is type in the words "real estate agents" (without the quotes) and the city or area you want, and you'll be taken to a page of search results that match your query.

No I'm sure you understand that we can't endorse any particular real estate agent or company. There is just no way we can know them all. However, you can now leave a review or a testimonial for any real estate agent or company you've used. That way it helps out the next person who comes here looking for a real estate agent.

To write a review, all you have to do is go to the agent's or company's listing page and click on the "comments" button at the bottom of that page. Then you can write a review for others to read. Then, we others visit the page, they will be able to see these comments and learn about the agent or company for themselves.

Geographical Listings

Best Real Estate Agents/Agencies in the United States (USA)

Alabama Indiana Nebraska South Carolina
Alaska Iowa Nevada South Dakota
Arizona Kansas New Hampshire Tennessee
Arkansas Kentucky New Jersey Texas
California Louisiana New Mexico Utah
Colorado Maine New York Vermont
Connecticut Maryland North Carolina Virginia
Delaware Massachusetts North Dakota Washington
Florida Michigan Ohio Washington, DC
Georgia Minnesota Oklahoma West Virginia
Hawaii Mississippi Oregon Wisconsin
Idaho Missouri Pennsylvania Wyoming
Illinois Montana Rhode Island

International Real Estate Agents/Agencies

For our international visitors we invite you to consider speaking with agents or agencies in your country if you find them listed here. If you happen to be in the real estate business in various countries, you're invited to submit a FREE listing here.

Canada Philippines

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