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Financing Delays

by Tim
(Long Beach Ca USA)

Dream Home

Dream Home

When home prices started dropping in 2008, I and my wife decided it was a good time to purchase a home. We spent weeks looking at many properties on line and in person. Homes were selling pretty fast during this period, and a couple of homes we wanted were sold before we even had a chance to put in an offer.

Finally, we settled on a home we both loved. We won the bidding war between 15 other offers. We were pretty confident that the home was ours, being that we had secured financing from a reputable bank and we both had good credit scores.

Unfortunately, to secure the home, we had to remove the financing stipulation from our contract and agree to a 30 day closing. Our Realtor told us it was nothing to be concerned about since we had been pre-approved for our loan.

Well, with all the home sales and foreclosures happening at the time, it turns out that the average time to close was about 60-days. The people at the bank kept telling us that everything was going on schedule, but the documents were not arriving.

The delays were so bad that the sellers were threatening to cancel the sale and take our $10,000 deposit. In the end, I had to call the boss of our loan agent and wait on hold for FOUR HOURS in order to push things through in time.

The moral of the story is to never neglect the fine print.

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Buying our House - A Bit of a Fiasco

by J. Eaton
(Wichita, KS)

Our Home!

Our Home!

My wife and I were in the market to buy a home for the first time in late 2002. We were recently married and had an expanding family on the way. We live in Wichita, KS and had a good idea of the neighborhood we wanted to live in.

We stuck to our guns and eventually found a reasonably priced house in our price range in our desired neighborhood. Everything was working out great since we had my parents on board to co-sign the loan and help us get started.

We decided to purchase the house and notified our loan officer that we were ready. He started the paperwork and such and everything was underway. We received a closing date and let things take it's course. The meeting with the loan officer seemed odd and he sort of seemed off task, but we were new to the experience so we tried to think nothing of it.

A week before the closing date, I received word from our loan officer that he was finishing up the final touches and everything was in order. However a day or two before the closing date I took time out from work to give him a call and assure myself that everything was still on task and on schedule. This is when the bank informed me that the loan officer no longer worked there and our file was not being placed.

We were quite concerned and borderline upset. We pleaded our case to the bank and they found our file. The bank gave us a new loan officer that was very friendly and virtually bent over backward to help us get the loan approved and closing on time.

Some things we benefited from the original loan officers mistake was we were approved on an emergency basis. That meant we no longer needed a co-signer which we were very happy about.

The stress we incurred over the whole ordeal was pretty sizable and the new loan officer took notice of this. He did a great job smoothing everything over and we closed on our home in time. I was impressed although still personally upset with the guy who dropped the ball.

We are now still living in our home and have made several improvements and love living here. I feel our story is pretty unique and I am willing to share more details if anyone is interested.

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