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Buying a Home a Dream or Nightmare

by Peggy

I purchased my home in the middle of December. Upon returning home from spending Christmas with my parents, my life as a homeowner began. I returned to a leak in my garage.

I called the plumber only to find out that I had the type of plumbing that would not hold up and needed to be completely replaced. Fortunately, some of my friends were already aware of this and suggested I get included in the law suit concerning this very problem.

I followed their advice and was able to get included just in time and get my plumbing replaced under the law suit. That was cool!!!

After that, I found out the siding had a problem too! It too needed to be replaced. I turned in my claim and was awarded a whole $50.00 because I was told that the lawnmower was causing the damage at the bottom of the panels. I would like to know how you can get a lawn mower beneath the edge of the paneling. I still have yet to replace that and it is getting worse.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up after a long rain and found my carpet soaked. I don't live in a flood zone. I had to pull up the carpet and replace all the flooring. Now I can see that I am getting cracks in the foundation.

Does anyone want to buy a home really cheap? You can put in a new brick sidewalk when you tear out the old one because it is cracking too. I forgot to mention that I had the patio cover come crashing down because the snow was too heavy for it. Did I mention that I live in Texas where it rarely snows?

I at least had nice cabinets at one time but that was before I bought the house and the renters stole the nice ones.

So my home buying experience turned out to be a nightmare! It ended up costing me more money than I planned.

The moral of the story, do your homework carefully before you buy. That way you can avoid the nightmare like experience I had!

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