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All of the California Real Estate Agents and Agencies in our directory are listed below in alphabetical order by city.

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California Real Estate Agents


Sully Droulias - Century 21

Chula Vista

Humberto Sandez

Los Angeles

Jane Peters - Los Angeles Realtor®


Susan Horton - Palm Realty

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What You Should Know as a
California First Time Home Buyer

Of course you know if you have never bought a house, you are a first time home buyer. But if you have owned a home, you can still qualify.

How is that?

Most programs will recognize you as a first time house buyer if you have owned a house more than three years ago. That means you haven't been a homeowner for three plus years. Perhaps you sold your house and rented for a time. Now you are considered a first time buyer again!

Why would someone rent for a period of time?

Some may move to another area and cannot find the home they want right away. Thus they rent for a while. If you do this for at least three years from when you sold your house, boom, your a first time home buyer again.

Why is this so cool?

It means you can qualify for those awesome programs available to first home buyers! Thus you can own a home in the past, as long as it has been three plus years in the past.

Any exceptions?

Yes, there are two exceptions to this rule in California. One has to do with the areas set aside as a "federally targeted area". What is that? Those are areas set aside that being a first time home buyer as a requirement doesn't apply.

In those particular areas you can qualify for a first time home buyer program without being a first time home buyer. There are limits and restrictions to this that you will have to consider.

The second exception applies to veterans. They don't have to meet the first time home buyer requirement.

Thus finding a real estate agent who works well with first time home buyers is to your advantage! The ones listed above are qualified to help you.

Would you like to find out what home buying programs are available?

Check out our home buying programs page for a detailed explanation.

As a first time home buyer, you may want to investigate the various FHA Loan products to find which one fits your needs the best.

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