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How to Find
Cheap Moving Boxes

Looking for cheap moving boxes?

So you bought your new home! Now finding affordable moving supplies will be your next task at hand. I know you are excited, many first time home buyers would be. But your work is just now beginning. Find some cool suggestions for making this awesome move affordable and efficient.

After the excitement of buying a home wears off a little, you now begin to realize that you have to pack and move.

Wow!! This may become rather daunting as you think this over. Now you need to do this on a budget, so on this page you will learn how to find cheap moving boxes and much more.

If you're wanting to help the planet, why not look into used cardboard boxes? As you look over your apartment, you see all those items needing to be packed and you want them to arrive safely.

Where to Look for Cheap Moving Boxes and Supplies

So now you begin the search for moving boxes and supplies. Here's where do you begin:

  1. Talk to your neighbors, perhaps someone just moved into your apartment complex. Ask them if they would like to give away their boxes.
  2. You can always go dumpster diving. Often times you can find boxes in there. Not the most ideal thing to do, but when it comes to cheap moving boxes, free is not bad.
  3. Check with your local grocery stores. If you can figure out when they do their shelf stocking, many times they will give away boxes rather than tossing them in the recycle container.
  4. Look on Craigslist, you may even find boxes there.
  5. Buy them online or your local department store.

Moving Tips

After all the closing costs on buying your home, you may be limited on funds. So here you can discover some ideas that can save you some time and money.

When it comes to finding moving supplies and boxes this can take some time. So what are your choices? Well I listed several of them above for you to consider. But, are you limited on time?

Likely time is a very valuable thing to many people. After all, you still need to work so you can pay for your new house. Many have saved time by ordering some cheap moving boxes online. Shopping the information super highway can save you several hours running around town.

I know when I moved the last time, I discovered some really good tips. I want to share them with you here.

One of the best tips I can offer you is regarding box sizes. You can get cheap moving boxes by asking friends and your local grocery store, but when it comes to putting these boxes in a moving truck or pickup, it gets kind of tricky.

What I found was you can pack many more boxes and make less trips if you buy boxes in just a few different sizes. That way they fit together nicely and is much more efficient.

Using the right moving box is important to keeping your precious items in good shape. This is especially important if you are going to be asking your friends to help you move.

I cannot count the times when moving (done this 7 times) that no matter how well meaning my friends are, things get broken. After moving 4 times I figured this out.

So on my 5th move, I bought strong sturdy moving boxes. Using the proper sealing tape and marking them by room saves time also. A good idea is to mark what items are in them too.

Why? Most people unpack gradually, so when you see a pile of boxes to unpack and you are looking for something specific, that can get frustrating.

Thus by marking your boxes by room and then the important items in the box makes looking for specific items easier. For example, when packing the kitchen, mark the box "kitchen" then put what's in it like "dishes" or "pans" or "small appliances". That way when you are looking for a specific pan or small appliance, you can look at the outside of the boxes and find the one you want to open.

Otherwise you find yourself opening several boxes to find that item.

Moving Supplies and Boxes Online

As I mentioned earlier, getting boxes that are uniform in sizes will help your move go smoothly. There are awesome moving kits out there that are wonderful to use. That way you can get started packing right away. Remember when shopping online, to look for deals where you can get free shipping.

I'll never forget, one time when I was moving, I neglected to strap down a chest of drawers thinking it was plenty heavy and would not blow off the back of a pickup. Guess what? It did and when it hit the ground you would have thought it was just a pile of toothpicks.

My buddies and I laughed like crazy, but my wife did not find it so funny. So be sure to have some rope or straps on hand as well. So then ladies, remind your husband of this so your furniture will make it safely into your new home.

Hopefully you are finding lots of ideas here on locating cheap moving boxes. I know I shared a lot of ideas with you. But there is one last thing I wanted to say. Another problem when moving is the clothes. So here's a tip for you:

Use wardrobe boxes! They are a little more money, but are they ever awesome. They are set up so you can just hang your clothes right in them. We borrowed some from my sister. I'll never pack clothes the same again.

Before we would pile them in the back seat of our car. Which is one way to move clothes, but with a wardrobe box you can have them move right in the truck with all your other items.

I put belts, shoes, and other accessories in the bottom of the box and then hung my clothes on the bar. Now you can close up the box and its ready to move. When you get to your new location, you just open the box and move your clothes in the closet. This way your clothes are neat and ready to be worn! My sister had saved her wardrobe boxes and I was able to borrow them and have used them several times. I found these are boxes you want to save. You never know when you will need them again or when a friend may want to borrow them.

Well, that's the best I can do for you when it comes to cheap moving boxes. You have to budget a few hundred dollars for this. So having a way to get a moving kit delivered to your home before moving can save you a lot of time rather than going out looking for all the free boxes you can find. You still will need tape, wrapping paper, markers etc. But you can find those items online too!

We are all busy people these days, so saving time by having your needed items delivered to your doorstep is awesome. Below is a video explaining some of these moving tips...enjoy!

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