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Credit Repair Information that Works!

Credit repair information that works, may be hard to find. Discover how you can do your own credit cleanup on your credit report. Find the coolest information on how to raise your credit score for FREE!

Using information to improve your credit report and credit rating is like an art in and of itself. Like Michelangelo, you can sculpt your financial "artwork" to a new dimension if you just remember the basics.

Credit score repair services can be utilized to erase credit reporting "inaccuracies" as well as to formulate a plan of action to increase your credit rating.

Review your Credit Report to See if Credit Repair Information is Needed

There are many things which can be done to increase your credit score. Each suggestion is like an individual puzzle piece that is a solution. As you implement the various suggestions, the picture looks better and better!

credit repair information

First, let's talk about credit reporting inaccuracies. There are three major credit reporting agencies, TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. Under Federal law, you have the legal right to obtain one credit report each year from each of these credit reporting agencies, for a total of three each year.

If you review your credit report and note that there are erroneous entries, you should dispute each entry that is inaccurate. You will need to contact the credit reporting agency and provide a written explanation as well as the documentation confirming your claim.

The credit reporting agency will have a reasonable amount of time, usually considered to be 30 days, to investigate your dispute. If the disputed entry cannot be verified, the credit reporting agency must delete the entry containing the negative information.

Likewise, if the creditor reporting the negative information does not confirm its information to the credit reporting agency with the designated time period, the credit reporting agency must delete the entry containing the negative information.

Credit repair information and services can also be used to increase your credit rating. Keep in mind that some items put in practice may only take a short amount of time to see the results. However, like a masterpiece, some repair practices may take a little more time.

Credit Cleanup Suggestions to Increase Your Credit Score

  1. Attempt to pay down your credit card balances. The three credit reporting agencies use the Vantage scoring system which weighs credit card debt more heavily;
  2. Make sure that your credit card companies are reporting and are reporting accurately your credit limit to the credit reporting agencies. You may wonder why this is important. It is important because with the Vantage scoring system your credit card debt for each credit card and your entire credit limit for all of your credit cards needs to be below 25%;
  3. If you have not paid regularly or have even defaulted on a student loan, you can request a review of the account and work out a payment plan in order to get back on track. This is one of those thatmay take a little time to see results; and,
  4. Create a budget that you can and will follow. Paying your bills and paying them on time is one of the best ways to increase your credit rating.

When all is said and done, using credit repair information, you can be the artist behind your financial masterpiece. Have at it, Leonardo!

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