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Credit Repair Made Easy

Credit repair made easy is possible. Follow the coolest steps out there to change your bad credit and improve your credit report yourself.

Unfortunately, many people wanting to buy their first house end up in debt situations which require credit repair. It is a sad thing to see! However, help is just around the corner (I mean, further down the page)!

Unfortunately, many people wanting to buy their first house end up in debt situations which require credit repair. It is a sad thing to see! However, help is just around the corner (I mean, further down the page)!

The confidence needed to change this situation comes from learning how to go about it. Credit repair made easy provides you with the knowledge you need to save your checkbook.

Sometimes people think there is no way out of a financial disaster, its like being in the middle of a huge labyrinth and you can't find your way out. But don't worry, I will guide through this maze by teaching you how to fix bad credit. By understanding the in's and out's, you will soon see how to make credit repair easy. It's like cutting a shortcut to success through this credit repair labyrinth, thus credit repair made easy.

The first thing you need to understand is how this credit situation got started in the first place. That way you can stop the bleeding while you repair the damage.

credit repair made easy

How Bad Credit Starts

  • Numerous credit cards with huge balances - more is not better is this case. If you're having trouble making payments on one why get another one. I know the credit card companies send many offers and they are tempting, but taking advantage of them may be the beginning of financial trouble. When you're not in the habit of paying them off every month, then you don't need another one.
  • No emergency funds - everyone needs a little money put away for a rainy day. If you don't set aside a little every payday, then when an emergency arises, you find yourself using a credit card or other means to meet it. Not having rainy day funds is another sign of heading for trouble.
  • Past due bills - this is a serious one. Not paying your bills on time is a true sign you're heading for trouble. When you start paying late, its like borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Eventually it catches up to you. If you don't have enough money each month to pay your bills on time, then you're heading for a disaster.
  • Bad financial decisions - like deciding to take a vacation when you don't even have the funds to pay the bills each month. I know, you deserve a break, but is worth the building financial crisis that is happening.

Because of these type of financial decisions, too many people end up with "bad credit." If the bleed is allowed to continue, soon your looking for help. Many have turned to credit and debt counseling to help them out of the situation. That's not a bad thing, but you need to stop the bad decision making process or you will be back in trouble again.

I had a very good friend of mine who bad bad decisions right after getting married. He and his wife wanted things they really couldn't afford, but there is always a credit card available. Soon they were seeking help with a credit and debt counseling agency. They really helped them and things began to look up for them. Unfortunately, they didn't pay attention to what caused the bleed and were in trouble again.

To help you with focus through the labyrinth, lets understand how these bad decisions affect your credit report and part of our credit repair made easy.

  • Now you will be denied credit when you want to make a purchase.
  • Your car insurance may go up.
  • You will have very low credit scores.
  • Future employers may be affected by what they see.

Self Help Credit Repair To Get Started

  • Discipline yourself to stop charging and begin paying down your credit cards. Look at your budget and see if you can pay an extra $50 plus whatever the minimum payment is. That way you can start making headway.
  • Pay your bills on time, if you don't have enough money to do this, you need to eliminate some bills. Take a look at what you can sell of your belongings and see if you can eliminate some bills so you can live on what you make each month. If that's not possible, its time to take on some additional work. I knew of one person who worked a second job for two months and put all the extra money on a phone bill to get it paid off.
  • Don't spend more than you earn - this way you stop the bleed!
  • Start putting some money away. This requires discipline as well. It doesn't take a lot. Many people spend $25 a week on going out to eat. Skip eating out and have a sandwich at home (usually people eat out because their too busy to cook, making a sandwich is easy) and put that $25 in the bank each week.
  • Make good financial decisions - know when to say "no!"

One couple I knew took drastic action to fix their situation, they sold all their belongings and their home. They decided to live six months with each set of parents. This was very painful for them. This gave them a year to eliminate all their debts and develop the discipline to not go there again.

You don't have to be that drastic, but if you don't have the discipline necessary to make changes, then get help!

Once you have stopped the bleed, keep on eye on your credit by monitoring your credit report! That way you can take action quickly and prevent yourself from sinking back into debt.

Finally, Following These Credit Repair Made Easy Steps

Step One: Procure Your Credit Report

Get a copy of your credit report from Experian, Equifax & TransUnion the major credit reporting agencies. Since each report differently you need one from all three. Each year you can get one for free, but you will have to pay for the other two.

Step Two: Check the Accuracy of Your Credit Report

Make sure all the information on these reports is correct. You will find your name, previously used name, current and past addresses. Check to verify account numbers, employment history, Social Security number, creditor's names, amounts due and so forth. These are quick fixes. Just by accidentally transposing one number of your social security could add another persons items to your report. So make sure these are accurate.

Step Three: Dispute Discrepancies

Dispute anything that doesn't look right on your credit report. The reporting agency will have to verify the information. This is an advantage to you. Why? Creditors don't take the time to give proof. Without proof the agency will remove the bad item. Hurray, you slayed one of the lions!

Armed with the above information, you are ready to take a knowledgeable leap through the labyrinth of credit repair made easy. You can begin to "fix" or "erase" your bad credit through various common sense decisions and actions.

Additionally, you can utilize various credit repair made easy programs available to consumers. Many of these programs can assist by holding back the creditor lions while negotiating new interest rates or proposing a debt consolidation plan.

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