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What is a Deletion Letter?

What is a deletion letter? How can I use it to improve my financial score or do credit repair? Learn how to use credit report letters to your advantage below.

This type of letter is one of those private moves of credit repair. It’s the fastest move to raise your financial FICO number and take any collections off your report.

For many people there is a small item listed on their credit report that may be a collection. Such as a medical bill, a phone bill, credit card charge or another small item that is unpaid. These may be showing as unpaid. An item as small as $25 reflected on your report as unpaid can lower your score 20 points or more.

deletion letter explanation

Ask "Do You Delete"

Because of how these negative items affect your FICO score, the best way to handle this is to contact the agency assigned to collect the debt and ask the moving question: "Do you delete?"

The secret many people may not know is these agencies assigned to collect will delete the negative item voluntarily from your report if you nicely request them to and say you will give them the amount you owe. As much as half of the time when you ask the question "do you delete", their answer will be "yes."

On top of that, you need to request a "deletion letter" to give evidence that the debt in question is going to be deleted from your financial file.

Why Use Deletion Letter to Raise Score?

Because, many times you're looking to raise your score NOW. Especially if your wanting to buy a home and have started the loan process. Time is of the essence. The agency doing the collection or your creditor may take up to 90 days to update this with the credit reporting agencies.

When you have a credit report letter stating the deletion, you can take quick action by faxing it to the reporting agencies to get the negative debt removed from your report in a short time, perhaps even a couple of days. Thus, your effort in credit repair via this letter can quickly get your score up there!

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