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FHA Loan Information and Financing Q&A

Are you looking for FHA loan information? Would you like to ask an expert some FHA financing questions? Just ask below and an expert will answer you!

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Are you wondering if the FHA loan product is the perfect fit for you? But you would like to know some things about the requirements. Perhaps you're wondering about more things than you can find on the internet.

Well then, you have come to the right place! This FHA financing Q&A is designed for you to learn from an expert. Would you like to review what others have asked and had answered already? Click Here.

Often the complaint I hear from prospective buyers, is they cannot get a hold of their loan officer to ask their questions. I've designed this FHA mortgage information forum so you have access to an expert in the loan process to get your questions answered.

Remember, knowledge is power, so don't hesitate to ask and learn. There is no stupid question. All I ask is that you give as much information around your situation so your question can be answered effectively.

Unfortunately, some will ask a question that is too general. The answer can go in a variety of ways. This doesn't help you. Why? Then the answer cannot be specific to your needs. Many times the answer may be something you already know and not what you are really looking for.

So help me out...think of me sitting across the table from you and your telling me your specific circumstances.

There you go, an answer for your personal circumstances! So let's get started with your personal coaching session....

What Others Have Asked and My Answers

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FHA Home Loan - Change of Employment 
Hello. My husband has been in the same line of work for a little over two years; he is an Engineer. In Feb. 2015, he went from being a W-2 employee …

Co-Borrower and Down Payment Assistance 
Hello. I am permenately disabled and want to purchase a home. My income is very low and my mom is going to cosign on the loan. Is it true that I cant …

Understanding the UFMIP Refinancing 
I closed on a FHA loan in 12-14 I had to pay about 3200 in upfront mortgage insurance. It is now my understanding that I can re-fi that to lower my …

First Time Home Buyers FHA Question 
My husband and I would like to buy our first house but we don't know where to begin. Currently we are staying with family but would very much like to be …

Is it possible to get an FHA loan & grants, for a home with in-law apartment... 
Hello~ I am awaiting to hear from lenders to find out what exactly I am eligible for. Right now I have a consultant disputing a few things on my …

Where to start when buying a home for the first time 
Me and my husband want to buy our first home. We live in Missouri and have two children. However, my husband's credit score is only 660 and we are …

Condo did not qualify for FHA Loan 
I was looking into buying a condo and the mortgage lender told me it was not on approve list. I then asked how do you get it on list. This property …

Applying for FHA Home Loan While Seperated 
I'm thinking of buying property here in the state of CA. I have been seperated from my wife for 5 years. We do not own any property together. If my …

FHA Lending Guidelines 
Owned a home before, for many years. Got into financial problems, and had to sell in 2009, to avoid foreclosure. Have paid mortgage collections on my …

AC Unit for House 
Well I am trying to purchase a home. I'm a first time home buyer so this is new for me. The home listed for $129,900 and I said I will give him $125,000 …

Repairs On A House With FHA Loan 
I found a house I love that has been foreclosed on. My husband is very handy and has built homes before so the repairs that need to be done are not an …

FHA vs Conventional for a "GOLDEN" borrower 
This is not my ego speaking...these are the words from a mortgage broker describing my wife and I. We have Fico scores at 809 and 802. We have cash reserves …

Can I Get a HUD Loan? 
Can I still qualify for a HUD loan if you are already buying the home? I'm buying a home already but I'm doing it owner financing and I need to get …

FHA loan obligation for surving family  
If my ex-husband died and had a house insured under FHA and his daughter's name was not on the house could she continue paying the mortgage and keep the …

Getting a FHA Loan After Foreclosure 
I cosigned for a home my son lost due to being hospitalized and then laid off. I had bought a new car after co signing for the home. I couldn't pay …

FHA 203B Loan 
My husband and I just got pre-approved for $100,000 to get a house. When we were looking into houses, the loan officer said we couldn't get HUD, Homepath, …

FHA 203b Loan with Repair Escrow 
Are the repairs done before or after settlement? Who does the inspection of the final work and the quality of the repair? Also, who does the repair …

FHA Loan Rules 
Hi, I'm purchasing a home through an FHA loan offer. The home is to be sold "as is" as long as it meets FHA guidelines and appraisal. Does this mean …

FHA 203B With Repair Escrow 
Jeff, my name is Larry. I am the senior loan officer at Colonial National mortgage. I work out of the Denver office. I'm having an issue with a purchase …

FHA Title 1 Loan Explained 
Why am I having a hard time finding a lender for the Title I loan program. I have called several lenders on the approved list from HUD's website and most …

FHA 203B With a Repair Escrow 
I am looking at the FHA 203B with repair escrow home loan. I have a question. In order to qualify for this type of loan, does it have to be a HUD owned …

FHA Help 
I have never owned a home but want to. I live with my girlfriend who owns a home. We want to sell and buy using me as a first time home owner but having …

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