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Trials of Buying a Home From a Co-worker

It seemed too good to be true. Our expanding family was pushing us out of our first home, and my husband's co-worker was about to put his perfect home on the market. We jumped at the chance to grab this home before it was listed with a broker.

The process went smoothly, and we only incurred minimal closing costs and no broker's fee. Everything seemed perfect, and we began working on our home right away, re-doing the kitchen, re-painting, and turning the storage unit above the garage into a finished playroom for our three year old daughter.

After a couple months of renovations, we hosted a housewarming party which the former owners (my husband's colleague) attended. It became awkward as soon as the couple, who we once considered friends, entered the doors.

The wife of my husband's colleague was almost reduced to tears as she inappropriately toured the house, even stepping into rooms we wished to keep private. She asked invasive questions and made awkward comments like, "why couldn't you re-do the kitchen while we lived here," and "I wish we had never moved."

Since the party she has stopped by, unannounced, on several occasions, making me feel very uncomfortable. Despite this awkward annoyance, we love the house and consider it our home. But we never expected to have a living ghost stopping by making us all feel weird!

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Purchasing a Co-worker's Home

The decision to buy my house was pretty much a spur of the moment idea. My coworker had placed her home on the market several months prior to my family receiving a substantial increase in monthly income. I had never seen the house, but knew from talking with her I’d be interested in purchasing it.

I called her Realtor to make an appointment to view it, and he laughed at me when he learned that I wasn’t pre-qualified for a mortgage. The next day he contacted my coworker regarding another property that she had signed an agreement to purchase once her own property was sold.

The Realtor informed my coworker that whereas her house was not selling fast enough, and the value of the new home was going up, she would have to sign a new agreement for a higher price. She informed him that she would not do so, and then instructed him to remove his for sale sign from her property.

Within the next week I not only was approved for the mortgage, but I’d taken my brother with me on my first (and only) viewing of the home prior to purchasing it. The closing was the last week of that very same month.

Unfortunately, my coworker’s new home was not quite finished at that point. She wouldn’t be able to move in for another month, so I agreed to let her stay in the home with us for that month.

She was kind enough to fill the heating oil tank before she moved out as a gesture of thanks. We not only worked well together for our employer, but we did as house mates too.

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