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Homebuying is a Big Investment

by sanjay
(Delhi, India)

My parents did not have their own home. We were living in a rented house. Every year our landlord increased the rent. Then we were left with two options either to vacate the house or pay more rent. This made a huge financial burden on us.

As the inflation increased, giving more for the house rent became a big problem for us.

When I graduated from school, I started to work. Whatever I earned I deposited it in the bank. After two years the sum became $10,000 which was enough to buy a home.

We then contacted a real estate agent. He showed us some houses but they all were out of our price range. We took loan from the bank and decided to buy a flat in a four story building. The paper work for home buying is costly as we had to give 10% for registry.

We bought our flat in 2007 and are free from paying the monthly rent. Now I am giving monthly EMI (equal monthly installments) on the loan which will be completed in 2011.

My flat is on 2nd floor. It is 500 square feet and has three bedrooms, one kitchen, two bathrooms, one patio, and one balcony.

There is one swimming pool, one garden, one playground, and one disco club for whole building.

Now we are financially stronger than we were before as we don't need to pay any rent other than the loan's EMI payments. Whatever we are giving now in the form of EMI payments is for our own property, whereas the rent was actually wasting our money.

Then suddenly I thought that instead of depositing money in the banks I should invest it in buying homes.

Such investment gives you high return on your money which is sure and secure. So I got my real estate agent license and now my profession is a real estate agent. This has helped me earn even more money.

I am so happy to have learned all this from buying my first home!

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My Lovely House

by Rjagual

When I met my girlfriend, we fell in love. After one year and our relationship was continuing to grow, we agreed to buy a house. So began our search for a house with a minimum area of 150 square meters.

Our conditions was that our house had to be in a private building. No store or boutique in the building. In addition we decided to buy a house near where we worked, the malls we liked to shop in and the university. These were our most important conditions. We considered these most important because they would save us time and money in the future.

Having a house near our work would be great especially since we could return in the evening in a good mood. What would contribute to that good mood is not spending a lot of time on the road. As for the schools and the university, this would save time for our children so they could spend less time on the road and there would be less risks.

So after multiple searching for 3 weeks we found a house in the 2nd floor that had a very beautiful view. Now it is almost 3 years that we live in our house. We are very comfortable in it.

We were right to choose a house with the above mentioned criteria. I wish all the best for all those persons that are searching for a new house. My advise is to take time while searching and to put an objective in mind in order to avoid any surprise in the future.

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