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First Time Home Buyer

by Shannon
(Chandler, AZ, USA)

My brand-new home!

My brand-new home!

My home-buying experience was a learning experience, as I was a first-time home buyer without knowledge of the home-buying process. It was both fun and challenging, and it involved a number of steps, beginning with getting pre-approved.

Before house hunting with my Realtor, I had to get pre-approved by a lender so that I knew what my home-buying budget was.

I provided copies of my tax returns and proof of income to a mortgage broker who was recommended by a friend. The lender guided me through the mortgage selection process. Once I had decided on a loan, the lender processed my information and provided me with a pre-approval letter. At once I gave the letter to my Realtor (who I had randomly selected from a local real estate company) and then began the fun and challenging step of house hunting!

One of the most challenging aspects of buying my home was communicating to my Realtor exactly what I wanted, and my Realtor listening to me by locating and showing me homes that matched my criteria.

This process took a couple of weeks but eventually I came across “the one” and immediately put down a “good faith” deposit with my offer. After a couple of negotiations, my offer was accepted the same day and an appointment for closing was made.

About a month later – after a home inspection – my new home was closed on and, after signing stacks and stacks of papers, I was handed the keys to my new home.

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Our First Home

by Beauty
(Phoenix, Arizona,USA)

My husband and I just got married and during that time we decided to buy a new house. A new home where we could start a new family of our own. We experienced a lot of things from looking at different houses and having to submit the deal.

We searched on the net and looked for an agent were they could help us find our ideal home. It took us almost a month before we can finally decided which one we would buy.

We had different things to consider like not wanting our home to be in the center of town. This was because we do not like lots of people passing by in our house. Privacy is very important to us.

We were looking for about 2 acres on a lot somewhere out in the woods. This is one of the reasons why it took us almost one month before we finally found our ideal house.

When we found it, the asking price of the house was very expensive and the agent was not on time during our meeting with the sellers to negotiate the price of the house. That was discouraging!

Then we really really tried our very best to talk to the sellers almost every week so that we could make the deal. But a problem came up with our bank and the interest. We almost lost our hope and gave up about the house. My husband encouraged me and said we will continue to pursue this because we do not want all our efforts to be in vain and totally useless.

There was a night that I could not sleep just because of thinking about the house. I really wanted to move in that house so much! But I guess in these kind of things we really need patience.

Finally in July of this year, we officially became the owners of that house. Our perfect home, out in the woods just as we wanted so we could have the privacy we desired. We have a garden and the most exciting thing is that it is near the lake.

I am so happy right now that we have our own home. I am happy also that we negotiated such a good deal and the bank was willing to work with us. Everything went so well. So it pays to be patient!

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