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FREE First Time Home Buyers Guide

Looking for a first time home buyers guide?

Your FREE copy of this home buying guide details the mortgage process in 10 easy steps. This is a must read for all looking to buy a home and want help.

Our FREE Guide “10 Critical Steps for First Time Home Buyers" is designed to help you understand the complicated mortgage process.

This guide is a source you can trust, written by someone who cares. Education is what helps you become an informed buyer. For the past few years I have published this particular guide in Clickbank and sold it for $19.95. I’ve also sold copies of it on E-Bay.

Now, because you’re here looking for information, and we know that you’re a first home buyer, we want to present you with a FREE copy of our 14 pg Guide.

We know that people are concerned about giving their personal information out over the Internet. Many have made the mistake of giving out their information at some websites carelessly.

Let me sound a warning.

first time home buyers guide

I personally know of an individual who submitted his information online, including his Social Security number at several websites and guess what?? Suddenly his credit was ran so many times it took his score so low he could not obtain a mortgage.

Do not make the mistake of giving out your Social Security number until you have found someone you trust. That's why I've written a 14pg First Time Home Buyers Guide. It's designed to help you so you won't make the mistakes many others have made.

With privacy laws, RESPA compliance issues and so much more, you must take it slow. Learn first and then decide.

How to Request your FREE First Time Home Buyers Guide.

Our FREE Guide will continue the process of taking you step by step through the mortgage process.

We HATE spam and may require a double opt-in request before sending you our ”10 Critical Steps for First Time Home Buyers” FREE Guide. Please be sure to confirm your request in the return e-mail, or you will not be able to receive the guide.

Then after confirming your request the Free Guide will arrive in your e-mail box attached as a PDF file. Also, you'll find my contact information in case you have any problems opening the file.

Again, we do not sell or give away your personal information. We respect your right to privacy. We use this information to continue your home buying education only.

The title of our Guide is "10 Critical Steps for First Time Home Buyers".

This guide is easy to read and understand. Get your FREE copy now by filling out the short form above.

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