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First Time Home Buyers - Where Do We Begin?

by Awitte1461

My fiance' and I are looking to move from Florida to South Carolina.

We have never owned our own house and do not know where to start or what is needed before initiating the move. We've looked at houses to see what the average price is and locations of places.

I work in a corporation so I know I already have a job lined up. I've read a lot of helpful information on this website and am still kind of confused.

We're trying to figure out what all we need in place before we even put our toes in the water. I am aware that there is something like the first time home buyers in Florida also in South Carolina.

I am not quite sure if all the same qualifications apply up there as they do down here such as credit scores, money down, loans and what not. We are aware that we need a pretty good chunk of money down but not quite sure what we need aside of that.

Thank you so much for your time this is a very stressful process but as your website said there are a lot of unanswered questions by some realtors.

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The Pathway to Home Ownership
by: Jeffrey

Hello Awitte1461;

Thank you for visiting my website, telling me your story and asking questions. For over 11 years now I've been helping people like yourself get on the road to home ownership.

The unknown road you're about to travel does not have to be scary. I'll do my best to help you know how to proceed.

For all first time home buyers, before you even apply for a loan, you should be able to ask yourself a few questions about your credit. If you know your credit score is above 620 then good for you. The higher the score the better off you are.

For those who know their credit scores already, then you may consider reading this page on my website to learn about mortgage options. Click here to read more about the various first time home buyer programs that can help you better understand how they work. Don't worry, on this page you will see some options that should work for you.

If you do not know your score, then Get Your FREE 2016 Credit Score from! You need to start by learning about your credit file. Without credit it will be next to impossible to find a mortgagee that will extend a loan to you.

If you find you might need some help repairing your credit file, the company link I provided above can help you do that.

Once you know your middle score now you can start to build a pathway to owning a home. If your middle score is in the low 600's then you might want to consider the FHA loan program.

Should your middle score be above 700 then I would look at the newer conventional loan products out there that have low down payment requirements of around 3%. You'll also save money on mortgage insurance if you have the higher score.

So if you think you're ready to apply online for a mortgage loan feel free to use this link or contact your favorite lender. This is your next step because realtors today will not really be able to help you much until you know how much of a loan you qualify for. Getting a pre-qualification done right away is an important step.

This will help you know how much of a down payment you'll need. Most first time home buyers work with about 3%-10% of the purchase price of the home. You can use grants and seller concessions to help with this money also.

Then once you have a mortgage pre-approval, now you're ready to start looking for a home.

Next you would have to find a realtor you feel comfortable with that knows the area you want to buy a home in. Also this realtor should be knowledgeable in working with first time home buyers, how to find grants (if you need them) and be creative when writing offers to purchase a home.

You say you're moving to South Carolina. Chances are you do not know any realtors up there. Again, do not fear I can help you here as well.

I spent several years in the mortgage business which is why I built this website. Now I'm in the real estate business selling houses. Furthermore I'm certified to teach real estate here in Florida. So without tooting my horn too much, I feel I have a good handle on this business.

So if you want help in South Carolina finding a home I offer a FREE service where I locate a realtor in your area that works well with first time home buyers. They share their commission with me for making a referral. So I do all the work, you do not pay me one thin dime and I get a little reward for my time when you buy a house.

I'm there for you as a personal coach, guiding you along the pathway to home ownership. All I ask is that you share my website with others and give me a testimonial when you cross the finish line.

You can click here to reach me using my contact form. and answer the few questions there and I'll be in contact with you.

Hopefully this clears things up for you. Do your home work, read more pages on my site. Use the mortgage calculators on the nav bar. Get familiar with the home buying process and soon you will be an expert.

Thanks again for saying such nice things about the usefulness of this website. Currently it has over 900 pages and is growing every month. Please like, share or comment about it on your favorite social media channel. That is the greatest gift you can give by paying it forward.

Kind Regards,


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