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First time home buyers, getting started is not hard....

What do first time home buyers need to know when home buying? Would you like a guide or mentor to buying a home? This website can give you direction through the many facets of the purchasing process and you could become the next happy couple that buys their first home.

This particular section of my website is designed to give you all the information you need to begin. The mortgage process can be rather complicated.

However, have no fear, you will find tons of information to help you through it. Soon you and your family will be celebrating the joys of home ownership.

If you are in the very early stages of this venture, then there are a lot of things you need to understand before applying for a loan.

It's easy to just go looking and picking a house, but buying it is another story. Many individuals get excited and begin looking only to find out they cannot get what they want. Thus, before you get excited with your dream home, get information on the below questions.

If your not sure how you would answer these questions, there are some links at the end of this page that will give you more detailed information on each of the below questions. Now take a gander at each of these and see if you are able to answer them:

  • Should I stay renting or is it a good idea for me to buy right now?
  • If I decide I'm ready to buy, how do I choose a mortgage company?
  • What's the difference with choosing a mortgage broker or a mortgage banker?
  • Do I meet the first time home buyer qualifications to buy a home?
  • Are there any benefits to buying a home?
  • What should I know or ask when meeting with a mortgage professional?
  • What are the different options available for first time home buyers?

By answering these questions and increasing your knowledge, you put yourself in a better position to be a smart shopper. Don't forget the links below are like chapters to educate yourself. Once enlightened, you are ready to begin the tedious mortgage process.

Steps in the Mortgage Process

first time home buyers process

Usually you will be started off with a mortgage application. A credit report will be pulled. The credit report will help the lender identify whether you are a good candidate for a home loan.

If your credit is not very stellar, you may have to take some action to improve it before you start the process. Remember to ask for your credit scores to know where you stand before you begin.

Perhaps you already have stellar credit, get ready, you’re now going to expose your underwear drawer!!! What? That's right, you're underwear drawer. What I mean is your most private information.

Don’t be surprised with what you will have to give the lender. You will really feel exposed, but remember they need this information before they can give you any money. So don’t fight it or lie. Give them what they ask and remember they will qualify every statement you make by asking for proof. So don’t make statements you can’t back up.

Once you fill out the mortgage application there are things you need to be careful of so you don’t sabotage the application process. It’s amazing the decisions people made after the application that disqualified them.

Be patient, your mortgage professional will help you see how much you qualify for. Once that happens, you can begin looking for that first home!

There is even a link below to help you understand the total mortgage payment.

Other First Time Home Buyers Mentoring Questions

  • Are there any other benefits to buying a home that I need to look at?
  • How will my taxes be affected?
  • Can a first time home buyers act help me?

It is so much fun to buy that first home, so get started and soon you’ll be moving in.

There you go, click on the links below and learn all you can. If you feel you understand everything presented so far, you may be ready to understand more about the mortgage process. That is another chapter on this website, click here to gain education on this facet in home buying.

Below You Will Find More Information on Home Buying.

Want 7 Tips To Homebuying? Check out this page for a fast and easy list to use when buying your first home.

Should I Buy or Rent a Home answers the most common questions you may have in choosing to buy now or wait.

Learn the 7 Essential Things to Do Before You Buy a Home so you are ready to get started.

Home Buying Benefits will give you all the perks that buying a home supplies as well as other advantages in choosing that first home.

Home Buying Options will enlighten you on the available plans to help first time home buyers buy that first home.

Home Buying Checklist provides a comprehensive step by step process in buying a home.

Other Benefits provides a cool list of other possible programs you can take advantage of.

Home Buying Qualifications will give you the basic requirements you must meet to apply for that first loan.

Would you like to understand how to choose a mortgage company?

Are you wondering should you choose a mortgage broker and a banker for your loan? Learn the pros and cons on either on this page.

How to Figure Your Total Mortgage Payment helps you to understand what all goes into the mortgage payment and how it is calculated.

House Buying Taxes will explain the different taxes you may now have to pay and what tax savings there are in purchasing a home.

Home Buying Acts discusses what home buying acts are in force so you can take advantage of the savings.

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