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First Time Homebuyer Grants Alabama

First time homebuyer grants Alabama. Do you live in the beautiful state of Alabama? Looking for home buying grants? Find a list of agencies near you below.

Now this is a beautiful state! First time homebuyer grants Alabama are plentiful. Like all other states you have to be able to get to the right agencies. So below you'll find at them at State, County and City levels.

I have a fondness for this state. Though I've never lived here, I've been able to visit many times. In fact I have family in Alabama. My parents are buried in Stevenson. Low taxes, great weather year around makes for a nice place to kick off your shoes and sit a spell!

State Home Buying Grants Agency

State of Alabama Housing Finance Authority
P.O. Box 230909
Montgomery, AL 36123-0909
Phone: 334-244-9200
Fax: 334-244-9214

Bucks Pocket Alabama

City Agencies

City of Birmingham
Department of Community Development
710 N. 20th St.
Room 700
Birmingham, AL 35203-2216
Phone: 205-254-2309
Fax: 205-254-2628

City of Huntsville
Division of Community Development
P.O. Box 308
Huntsville, AL 35804
Phone: 256-427-5400
Fax: 256-427-5431

City of Mobile
Mobile Housing Board
P.O. Box 1345
Mobile, AL 36633-1345
Phone: 251-434-2219
Fax: 251-434-6852

City of Montgomery
Grants Coordinator
Department of Community Development
P.O. Box 1111
Montgomery, AL 36101
Phone: 334-241-2997
Fax: 334-241-4432

City of Tuscaloosa
Department of Community Planning and Development
P.O. Box 2089
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403
Phone: 205-349-0160
Fax: 205-349-0135

County Agencies

One of Our Beautiful State Parks

County of Jefferson

Division of Housing
716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd.
Suite A-430
Birmingham, AL 35203-2303
Phone: 205-325-5761
Fax: 205-325-5095

County of Mobile

Community Development and Planning
P.O. Box 1443
Mobile, AL 36633
Phone: 251-574-5086

What a beautiful state to live in! Keep in mind that applying for a grant and received the funds takes time. So be sure to be patient.

Why not start a savings plan? While waiting, start putting some money away. Then if the grant doesn't work out, you may have just enough money saving to qualify for one of the low down payment programs. FHA is the one I would recommend.

You can learn more about the FHA loan products by clicking here. Another program you may want to investigate is the zero down option. With it you don't really need grant assistance for your down payment.

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