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Got Very Lucky Buying Our Home

by Marty
(Grand Rapids, MI)

Our Lucky Home

Our Lucky Home

My girlfriend and I kind of got ourselves into a sticky situation. We were running out of time on our current apartment lease and did not want to resign with them as our apartment was literally falling apart around us and they refused to fix anything.

So we started looking into buying our first home. We found one that we really really liked, met with and talked to the Realtor of the home, took a walk through and fell in love with this home. We decided this was to be our home. So, we met with the Realtor and put a bid in on the house.

The Realtor told us she just knew they would accept our offer too and expect to be moving into what we thought our dream home as soon as possible!

Well, a week passed and we had not heard from our Realtor so I called to see what was going on. She never answered my calls, and I was calling everyday for over a week. Finally she got in touch with me and told me that she was sorry but the home owners sold the home to someone else.

Even though we paid the earnest costs to hold the home and they said they accepted the offer, when someone waved more money in their face, they took it and left my girlfriend and I hanging with only a few weeks until we had to be out of our apartment. So we spent an entire weekend out looking for another house, a mobile home or anywhere we could actually stay for the time being until we found another house we really wanted.

Somehow we got what I refer to as lucky! The Realtor who kind of screwed us on what we thought to be our dream home called me over that weekend and said she found another house we would just love. She wanted us to meet her to see it and see if we wanted to make an offer on it!

When we walked in my girlfriend fell in love with this house and I must admit it was a lot nicer than what we originally thought was our dream home. The Realtor then tells us that this house is going to be $10,000 more than we had been willing to pay! I was so upset!

But then she went on to tell us that this lady was working with the bank to try to keep her house out of being repossessed and would be willing to take the money off that we could not afford.

Well, long story short we are now moved into our new home and it truly is our dream home and my girlfriend and I could not be happier!

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