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Hey! I can't afford that!

by Wendy
(Cape Coral, FL)

My mortgage was recently sold to a new company, Ocwen.

I got my first bill from them and on it are a bunch of fees they are charging me.

Prior service fees, Late Charge - Alt Payment Plan, Current Post-Petition, Post-Petition, the fees total $2,127.32, in addition to the fees, the normal cost, making the bill $3,334.92.

I just do not understand the added fees. Can you explain them to me and tell me if this is legal?

We are currently in bankruptcy, but our house was suppose to not be part of the bankruptcy. The loan company prior never had any added fees. Due date is coming, so please help fast. Thank you.


Hello Wendy,

Thank you for swinging by my website and asking your questions.

First of all, if your mortgage has been sold, the new mortgage service company must abide by the terms of the contract you signed at the closing. So get your contract out and read it over.

If you are late on payments, then they can charge you according to the contract a late fee. This is normally 15 days after the due date.

As far as "Prior service fees, Late Charge - Alt Payment Plan, Current Post-Petition, Post-Petition, the fees total $2,127.32" I suspect these are related to your bankruptcy proceedings.

Did you make some kind of agreement when filing for bankruptcy regarding your mortgage payments? Have you held up your end of the agreement?

You need to go back to your bankruptcy lawyer with this paperwork right away to avoid them from starting foreclosure on you.

I'm really sorry you are experiencing such hardships. Many folks in the USA are going through similar hardships.

I hope you can get things worked out so you can stay in your home.

Kind Regards,

Jeffrey Ragan

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