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Hi my name is Anthony and I just purchased a home about three months ago. I barely had enough money for closing and to make matters worse, after closing on the house and after the previous tenant moved out, now I can see all the repairs that I didn't see when I first went to view the home with the Realtor because the people were still living there.

I have to pay rent where I live at now and find a way to pay my mortgage on my new home.

After the first month of being there trying to do some repairs, someone broke in and stole all the copper out of the basement that had to be repaired.

I need new windows, bedroom doors, new carpet etc. Never look at a home while people are still living there.

Is there any programs or loans that can help me get into my new home before I loose my mind?


Hello Anthony;

Wow!! You are in a tight situation. As far as loans that may help you get the repairs done, you may have a problem here.

If money was tight at closing, you are now paying rent and a mortgage, I can only guess that you are indeed under a lot of stress.

There are not many lenders out there right now that do second mortgages, or even equity loans.

You may need to seek the help of family members to loan you money to fix the house up enough so you can move in, save on rent and then fix it up as you go along.

Also, you may check with local agencies that offer assistance for homeowners. Sometimes you can find grant money for home repair.

I wish there was better news. That is a tough position and I hope you can get it worked out.

Best Wishes;

Jeff Ragan

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Home Improvement Loans
by: Paul

I am so glad you posted your experience! As I am looking for a home, I see the need to take a close look when the home is occupied. That is a terrible experience to go through after you bought the home! I hope you find the help you need.

First Foot Forward
by: matt

Budgeting all your needs and properly outlining what needed to be done. Pay attention to the most will definitely help gain more advantage over the improvement and gives you more ground to cover on your home. Every plan needs a thorough thinking and attention to details, be sure to do the same on your home.

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