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Home Mortgage Information

Rifling through tons of home mortgage information? Want to understand programs such as FHA, VA loans, and zero down options for home buying? This page will help you become a knowledgeable buyer and a sharp one at that.

Usually, the first step in buying a home is getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Many think that pre-qualified is the same as pre-approved. Unfortunately, that is not true.

When you are pre-approved, your application has gone through underwriting and you are approved for a particular loan amount.

Pre-qualified means they just pull credit and interview you without gathering any documentation as proof. Which is basically useless, because once they gather all the documentation necessary to be approved, you may actually qualify for a different amount than previously told. See why its important to gain all the home mortgage information you can!

Pre-qualification takes only minutes while pre-approval takes days. That is why a pre-approved status is much better and will give you more negotiating power with the seller when you are ready to put in an offer.

Since there are so many choices in the mortgage arena, you have to take a look at what fits your needs best. Below I will give you several choices and you can read up on each one.

Mortgage Program Types

First time home buyer programs will give you an understanding of the various types of mortgages to choose from. This page will explain choices of fixed rate, adjustable rate, jumbo, equity, FHA, VA, and second mortgages. Lots of home mortgage information for you to dig through.

First time home buyer loans page explains the differences in the various choices for a person who has never bought a home. If you're searching for programs for the first time, you're going to love the information on this page.

Home Mortgage Information

First time home buyer mortgages page explains special programs like USDA, Fire Fighter and Teacher programs. Also you will find other Fannie Mae loan products to fit your needs.

Learn about two awesome programs at First Time Home Loans. This can narrow down your home mortgage information search very quickly.

If you are interested in the fixed rate mortgage, then you will want to understand the Best Fixed Rate Mortgage. Learn why this program is the best way to go.

If you have bad credit, learn what you can do by reading Buying a Home With Bad Credit.

Conventional Loan Options

The conventional mortgage industry is changing rapidly. Learn why the Big Banks are pulling out of this 1.5 Billion Dollar industry. The best part is it’s saving you money, learn how.  

FHA Home Mortgage Information 

What is a FHA Loan? Understand what this loan program is all about and why it is an outstanding choice for those who are buying for the first time! 

Of all the FHA Loan Programs, which is the best? Learn which FHA product is the most usable for first time home buyers. Find cool FHA home mortgage information.

What Are the Loan Requirements, find a basic list of requirements you must meet to qualify for these type of loans.

FHA Loan Requirements, Understanding FHA loan requirements is not as hard as you think. Actually, believe it or not FHA loans are the easiest kind of real estate loan to qualify for. Of all the home mortgage information you want to find, loan requirements are essential.

FHA 203(b) Program, This is a program designed to those families with lower incomes to buy their first home by reducing some of the fees associated with buying a home.

Rehab Mortgage Program 203(k), this is a special FHA program that allows you to buy the home and include the costs of fixing it up with one mortgage. Find out how it works.

Would you like to understand the FHA Mortgage Insurance (FHA PMI) and why these programs have this type of insurance associated with them.

FHA Fees or Costs 
Are there any costs with a FHA mortgage? Learn what those costs are and if there are any advantages over a conventional mortgage.

How Do I Get My Escrow Refunded
Have you sold your home and paid off an FHA mortgage? Then you may have an escrow refund coming. This page discusses what this means and how you can get your refund.

Use of Gifts for the Down Payment
The beauty of a FHA loan is its down payment flexiblity. You can possibly use a gift or other means for your down payment. Find out how this can work for you.

Basic FHA Appraisal Guidelines
All FHA loans must meet the FHA Appraisal Guidelines. Learn what these basic guidelines are and what is involved to meet them so you can understand their home mortgage information.

HUD Has FREE Home Mortgage Information

If you want additional information about FHA loans a great resource is the HUD website. Since 1934 this home mortgage information has helped millions of people buy a home. 

home loan mortgages

Closing Costs Associated with FHA Mortgages
An FHA mortgage has the unique ability to finance the closing costs. This makes it possible for you, the first time home buyer, to buy a home with very little up front money. Find out what those closing costs are.

FHA Streamline Refinance Loan 
This is a special FHA loan program that cuts down on the amount of paperwork required to obtain this loan.

Rural Area Programs
If the home you are interested in is located in a rural area, then this program may the best one for you. Find out why this program is a good one for homes in outlying areas.

FHA Adjustable Rate Mortgage
What is an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)? This is a unique program that allows a person to get a lower interest rate. Learn how this program works to see if it would be a good fit for you.

Property Improvement Loan 
Are you looking for a home improvement loan that has a reasonable interest rate? Learn how this program works and the requirements to use it to improve your property.

How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient?
Are you looking for a loan program that will allow you to make your home more energy efficient? This is a program is designed for that. Learn what is required and how it works.

What is a Reverse Mortgage? 
If you are social security age you may qualify to borrow against the equity in your home. This is a program that give you the opportunity to use the equity in your home in a special way. Learn how this works and if it would be a good choice for you.

Periodically FHA changes the rules. Read FHA Home Loan Rules Change to see what the latest changes are.

FHA vs Conventional Loans, which is the better choice? Learn the differences between these two types of programs and decide with is better for you. You will love this home mortgage information.

VA Loan Program

Would you like to understand what a VA Loan is? Understand the history and how to get started with this special loan product

Learn about the Certificate of Eligibility and how to obtain one.

VA Loan Requirements--Meeting the various VA loan requirements is easy compared to other programs. Learn what these requirements are and what you need to do to meet them.

Eligibility Requirements--Learn what veterans are eligible for VA Loan Benefits.

Financing Benefits--Millions of veterans and service personnel are eligible for VA loans. Learn the benefits of this type of mortgage.

Approved Purposes for Use of a VA Loan--Find out the various ways a VA loan can be used.

Obtaining a VA Loan--Learn what the Certificate of Reasonable Value ("CRV") is and why its important to obtaining VA loans.

VA Loan Costs--Find out the various loan costs and fees associated with a VA mortgage.

Restoration of Entitlement--If you have had a VA mortgage in the past, you may still be able to obtain VA loans. Discover what is necessary to do this.

VA Home Improvement Loan Requirements. This loan product is a wonderful loan for qualified veterans. But what are the requirements to qualify for this loan? This page will show you what you need to do to obtain one of these loans!

Learn what closing costs you can expect to pay as a buyer. A nice list is provided at VA Loan Closing Costs for Buyers.

VA Office Locations--VA has provided toll free numbers for the convenience of veterans and dependents. You can find the best list of locations here.

Zero Down Mortgage Loans

Are you wondering if there is really home mortgage information concerning a loan that requires zero money down? Hone in on this type of financing and understand how they work.

Would you like to find these programs? Click on this link and you'll find them with a video to help you!

Here are several other no down payment home loans you may want to investigate.

Perhaps you've heard of house loans with no closing costs and would like to know more home mortgage information about them. Then go to No Closing Cost House Loans page to see how they work.

Return to First Time Home Buyer Solutions home page.

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