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To Buy or Rent...That is the Question!

by Hawar

The concentration in this life is always on the house. This is because it is the main place where you and your family often spend most of your time. For this reason most people are concerned about the quality of home especially since it is the main source for their comfort.

To promote the social level, whether it is the renter or the buyer, they adapt with the urban and contemporary life style beside the other regular affairs as you know. These are the efforts pouring in the progress path, which aspirant people behave. To be staunch and steady they pursue with eagerness and undertake as much as they can to procure the necessary home instead of renting.

But it is seemingly normal to own home. When you compare it with renting a home, you will observe a vast difference. My home is incarnating profound purport of the need for resettlement.

That was the belief. While my father took the pension incentive, the first thing we thought to do is purchase a home. Naturally, the first thing in our mind was to contact the brokers so they could help us find a home as soon as possible. Timing was very important according to our budget. Especially since we wanted to complete this process before the pension incentive was ate up.

Factually the brokers proffered a home in the location we wanted and we leaped forward to see it. Unfortunately, we found the home was ruined and needs rehabilitation, even though it was in a desirable area.

We met the owner and she expressed her greed. Besides her ruined home she proffered a higher price than the original price the brokers informed us of. Shocking!!! Eventually we refused her price, hence went without telling her the reason for the rejection, that it was not her price, but her home itself.

Lastly we finally found the house we were aspiring to obtain. Rehabbing was not nice, but eliminated the worst result by getting rid of the rent, made it worth the extra effort.

To buy or to rent? We decided to buy and we're happy we did!

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Getting Away From the Loud Neighbors

by Joe
(Spanish Fork, UT, USA)

My wife and I were married and living in a four complex apartment. Nothing really to look at but the neighbors were really annoying. All times during night they would be partying and playing loud music.

Since I was working nights my bride felt unsafe there. So we started shopping around for a house. We looked at some Condos. They where nice but we didn't like the fact that people would be living above us. We looked at some modular homes and that didn't really catch our eye either.

Then one day, when we where searching the internet for a home that would be right for us, we found our town house. Well not our town house since it wasn't even built yet.

We went into their offices and we were able to pick out everything we wanted for inside. There were four different floor plans to pick from and we decided to get one without a basement. It had cool large vaulted ceilings in the master bedroom that faces the out side. This gives the outside a dormer look which we like very much. It also has a beige stucco exterior that is popular here.

The inside is large and the downstairs has 7 foot ceilings. This was awesome for me since I am 6'2 and don't want to hit my head. It has an open kitchen to the living room and 2 spare bedrooms upstairs.

Never thought that we could afford it but the builder was able to arrange a mortgage broker that helped us all the way through the process. The broker even refinanced us for free when the mortgage rate dropped.

We are very happy and no longer have to deal with those loud neighbors!

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