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Protect Yourself From
Identity Theft

The different ways to prevent identity theft are quite straightforward, not too complicated and require only copious amounts of common sense. There is a certain terror that accompanies having one's credit cards pilfered, but it's so much worse to have one's identity stolen. Monitoring your credit report is a good prevention step.

ID theft is no laughing matter since it involves the robber misusing personal information on you, which is why protections is so important.

A thief might misuse your name, driver's license, Social Security number and address in order to fraudulently obtain jobs, mortgages, credit, bank accounts and utilities, all in your name!

The worst part (like the above mentioned was not already awful enough) is that the victim of this fraud usually does not even notice this atrocity until months after it has been going on already.

Based on information that comes from some non-profit debt counseling agencies, as many as 40,000 people are victimized by this type of identity fraud each and every year.

ID Theft Experience

This happened to the son of a friend of mine. The thief was his own father!

identity theft tips

My friend was divorced and her son was visiting his father who lived in another state. His father had the same name as he did. Unfortunately, the father obtained his son's social security number and used that social security number to obtain credit. He used his own birth date, but his son's social security number.

The credit bureaus never noticed that the social security number and the birth date did not match. Since the son was under age, this went on for several years.

When the young man became of age and wanted to buy a house, his credit was already ruined. What a horrifying experience for this first time home buyer! The son had to fight to clean up his credit from what his father had ruined. This process took the son several years. So even protect the social security numbers of your children.

Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

  • First, you should evaluate your credit report at least one time each and every year. This is one of the best ways to prevent identity theft. If you find accounts that you know you did not open, then start investigating!
  • You should also shred any bank statements, billing statements and credit card applications that relate to you.
  • If you fail to obtain a bill for any one of your credit cards in any given month, then get in touch with the credit card issuer at once.
  • For both outgoing as well as incoming mail, utilize a locked mailbox.
  • Never provide your own Social Security number unless it is totally necessary. It would be necessary, for example, to obtain a loan.
  • Retain both your credit card and ATM receipts to check them against your statements. Then, promptly shred them.

These identity theft prevention tips are rooted in common sense. If you utilize these tips, you can be assured that you will lessen your chances of falling victim to this type of sinister fraud.

Identity theft is happening more and more. Be sure to protect your information so that this doesn’t happen to you!

If your identity has already been compromised, then you will need to go to work on credit repair. But monitor because the predator may be back.

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