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Improve Credit Scores Quickly

Discover how to improve credit scores in a short period of time especially if you're applying for a mortgage. It is one of the coolest tips to use in your own credit repair.

Let's say you are excited about a pending mortgage application. You realize there is no time to settle the disputed items right now. This is where this tip comes into play. A friend of mine was waiting for approval of his loan application when his loan officer explained that he had a middle score of over 620.

Unfortunately for him, his three scores were 580, 622, and 634. Since anything over 620 is considered okay as far as risk is concerned, he should have been able to get a loan with no problem. Except he would have to agree to a higher interest rate. But, as his loan officer explained, if he could raise that middle score, he would qualify for a better interest rate.

Now we want to raise this score, so get the medical tape from your repair bag and let's begin fixing the situation.

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How to Use This Credit Repair Tip

Here is how to improve credit scores quickly. Since the middle score is the main score used to figure his creditworthiness, he started an investigation with that credit reporting agency.

This is not hard. All you have to do is select a credit item on your report that you want to investigate and call the reporting agency. The person mentioned above did this by going online to the credit agency and started requesting a dispute for the bad items on his report.

In a matter of days his middle score was raised. Of course this was just a temporary raising of his score. The score was raised while the bad items, that he called attention to, were being looked into.

Improve Credit Scores Fast

Also, since he had two payments that were 30 days late during the past two years, he called the credit card company. He then explained he needed help due to a mortgage application pending.

After explaining the reasons his payments were late, which was due to their faulty payment process. An internal investigation was started and the credit card company temporarily removed the derogatory items. This gave him a quick boost in his credit score from 622 to 650 in just a couple of days. This tip worked for him.

Now keep in mind, not all credit bureaus may boost your credit scores when you start an investigation, their policies change regularly. But it still makes sense to at least put to work the above credit repair tip to see if you can improve your score quickly.

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