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Your First Meeting With a Mortgage Professional

Wondering about meeting with a mortgage professional? Learn what to do.

When meeting with this professional, what can you expect? This initial meeting will take about 1 hour to start the loan approval process. Below is a cool list of what things you need to bring.

It is a good idea to meet with a couple of lenders so you can compare what they are offering.

This helps in getting a better deal. So be sure to make several copies of the documents listed below.

With so many lenders to choose from, you want to be sure and select the right one.

The the process of getting a mortgage loan begins when you have this meeting. This may be a face to face meeting or perhaps on the phone.

Getting a Mortgage Loan

During this meeting, the mortgage professional will interview you to discover what you’re looking to accomplish when getting a mortgage loan. He/She wants to know about your job history, current debt situation and credit file.

meeting with a mortgage professional

Only after you have learned what questions you want to ask should you have this meeting with a mortgage professional. By surfing the many pages on this website you can become armed with all you need to know.

The mortgage person will be able to know by your answers what loan program will best fit your needs. Be completely forthright in this interview because everything you say will have to be backed up with documentation.

They will have to verify your long term debt by pulling a tri-merge credit report. On this credit report the complete history of how you handled your finances in the past will be revealed.

Once the credit report has been done then income will need to be verified. The best scenario would be a perfect 2 years of job history with the same employer. Be prepared to provide the last 2 years of W-2 statements, and the last 4 paycheck stubs with Year-To-Date figures on them.

Below you’ll find a list of documents needed to complete your loan application.

Bring What to the Meeting with a Mortgage Professional

Here's a list of items you need to bring when meeting with a mortgage professional:

  • Copy of your Drivers License and Social Security Card.
  • Last 2 Years of W-2's for all Employers
  • Last 2 Months Bank Statements with all the Pages
  • Last 4 Paystubs
  • Last Statement for all Stock, IRA and 401K Accounts
  • Landlord Name and Phone (if renting)
  • Letters from Energy Provider, Cell Phone Company, Water Department, or Phone Company (if you are planning to use alternative credit)(Supply these Documents For All Borrowers if Using a Joint Application)
Note: Please provide all documents on letterhead for the institutions where you hold the accounts. Computer printouts from online are not accepted by Underwriters.

With all of these documents, the mortgage professional will be able to determine if you qualify for a home loan right away. This is called pre-qualification. He/She now has a complete picture to look at as they begin to match you with a loan program.

By your having all of these documents ready when meeting with a mortgage professional, the process can go much quicker.

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