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Buying Process in the Mortgage Library

First Time Home Buyers - Home Buying Process
What is the First Time Home Buyers Act
What First Time Home Buyer Benefits Are Available?
First Time Home Buyers Benefits - What are they?
First Time Home Buyer Checklist
What First Time Home Buyer Options Can I Find?
First Time Home Buyer Qualifications
First Time Home Buyer Tax Information
Your Total Mortgage Payment
Choosing a Mortgage Company
Meeting With a Mortage Professional
After the Mortgage Application
Qualifying For a Home Loan
Speeding up the Mortgage Process
Esrow Accounts
Should I Buy or Rent a Home?
Mortgage Broker vs Mortgage Banker -- What is Better for You?
Secrets Lenders Don't Want You to Know
Denied a Mortgage Loan, What Can You Do?


Appraisal Basics
Appraisal Methods
Appraisal Needed to Obtain a Loan
Basic FHA Appraisal Guidelines
Help the Appraiser
Market Price
Order an Appraisal


Bankruptcy Basics
Bankruptcy Process
Alternatives to Filing Bankruptcy
Can You Get Credit After Bankruptcy? Yes, Learn How.
Your Property and Assets
Bankruptcy and Bill Collectors
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy and Bills

Calculators in the Mortgage Library

Average Interest Rate Calculator
BiWeekly Payment Calculator
Closing Costs Calculator
Discounted Cash Flow Calculator
Down Payment Calculator
Future Value Calculator
Home Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Interest Calculator
Mortgage Payment Calculators
Mortgage Payoff Calculator
Mortgage Qualification Calculator
Mortgage Rate Calculator
Mortgage Refinancing Calculator
Rent or Buy Calculator

Closing Cost

Average Closing Costs
Difference Between Sellers Closing Costs and Sellers Concessions
How to Estimate Closing Costs
Good Faith Estimate Explained
How to Avoid Unnecessary Closing Costs
Mortgage Closing Cost -- Don't be Confused, How to Avoid the "No Closing Cost" Scams!
Typical Buyers Closing Costs

Credit Information in the Mortgage Library

First Time Home Buyer Credit
Big 3 Credit Reporting Agencies
Credit After Bankruptcy, and you thought it couldn't be done!!!
Credit and Debt Counseling, Do You Need It?
Credit Grades, what are they?
Credit Inquiries, can they affect your score?
Credit Profile, understanding it is very important
Credit Scoring How It Works
Establish a Credit History
Free Credit Scores, by getting a free credit report
Frequently Asked Questions
Improve Your Bad Credit
Know the Score About Your Credit Rating
Other Credit Factors
What's a Good Credit Score
What is a Middle Score?
Why Should I Be Concerned About My Credit Score?

Credit Repair

Bad Credit Help -- Where to Find it!!!
Credit Repair Company, how can you know if they're for real?
Credit repair information that is reliable
Credit Repair Made Easy
Credit repair report, what is it?
Credit Repair Software, will it help?
Credit report dispute, discover how you can do this yourself
Credit report information is vital for your financial health
Erase bad credit and save!!!
Find a credit repair specialist you can trust!
Fixing credit report errors
How to Fix Credit Report Errors
How to Improve Your Credit Problems
Prevent Identity Theft
Repair Credit Report Information
Steps to Take After Being Denied a Loan
The Fair Credit Reporting Act
What Effect do Credit Bureaus Have on My Life?
What is a Dispute or Investigation? Why Should I Use?
You can fix bad credit!!!
Your Credit Report

Credit Repair Letters

Credit repair letters, do they work and how can you find them?
Dispute Letters Can Save You Thousands
What is a Deletion Letter?
What is a Payoff Letter?
Why do I Need a Dispute Letter?

Credit Repair Tips

Credit Repair Tips
Credit Repair Tip 1: Obtain Knowledge
Credit Repair Tip 2: Step by Step Game Plan
Credit Repair Tip 3: Know Your Credit Scores
Credit Repair Tip 4: Why You Should Dispute Your Derogatory Items
Credit Repair Tip 5: How to Raise Your Score in a Short Time
Credit Repair Tip 6: Limit the Number of Credit Inquiries
Credit Repair Tip 7: Pay Collections for the Quickest Results
Credit Repair Tip 8: Keep Disputing All Items Again and Again
Credit Repair Tip 9: Know Your "Middle Score"
Credit Repair Tips 10: Lower High Credit Card Balances

Down Payment Assistance in the Mortgage Library

Assistance for First Time Home Buyers
How to Find Money for Down Payment
Mortgage Down Payment Assistance in the Way of Down Payment Gifts

FHA Loans

FHA Loan Requirements
FHA Mortgage Insurance Program
FHA Mortgage Insurance Costs
FHA Escrow Refunds
Down Payment Gifts for FHA Loans
FHA Mortgage Closing Costs
FHA Streamline Refinance Loan
FHA Single Family Rehab Mortgage - Section 203(k)
FHA Single Family Mortgage Insurance for Outlying Areas - Section 203(i)
FHA Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)
FHA Property Improvement Loan Insurance - Title I
FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage
What are the FHA Home Loan Requirements
HUD Reverse Mortgage

Grants in the Mortgage Library

First Time Home Buyer Grants a List by State
Are There Real Government Grants for Home Repair?
Free Government Grant Money
How to Find Grants in Your State
1st Time Home Buyer Grant, What is it? How Does it Work?
First Time Homebuyer Grants


First Time Home Buyer Guides
3 Important Tips for First Time Home Buyers
Best First Time Home Buyers Tips
Debt Free Living...Myth or Reality?
First Time Home Buyer Class - Can it Help?
First Time Home Buyers Info
First Time Home Buyers Plan
First Time Home Buyers RESPA Guidelines
First Time Home Buyer Tips
FREE First Time Home Buyers Guide
Important Advice for First Time Home Buyers


First Time Home Buyer Loans Explained
Buying a Home With Bad Credit
No Closing Cost Home Loan - 4 Tips to Know if it's Real or Fake!
What is a FHA Loan?
FHA vs Conventional Loan - What is the Difference?


First Time Home Buyer Programs, how can you find which one is best for you?
No Down Payment Home Loans Not a Dream
Zero Down Home Loans

VA Loans

Certificate of Eligibility
Eligibility Requirements
Eligibility Questions
Financing Benefits
Obtaining a VA Loan
Restoration of Entitlement
VA Home Improvement Loan Requirements
VA Loan Closing Costs for Buyers
VA Loan Costs
VA Loan Purpose
VA Loan Questions & Answers
VA Loan Requirements
VA Office Locations

Other Information in the Mortgage Library

Economic Terminology

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