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Melody K Miller - Keller Williams

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North Carolina First Home Buyers

North Carolina has some great programs for first time home buyers. Some people say their the best in the country. When getting started it's not too hard to find homes that fit the programs designed for the first time home owner. With some rather relaxed underwriting guidelines it's not that difficult to qualify. 

The best part, these programs are not just for first time home buyers. If you have not owned a home for the past 3 years, you can take advantage of these as well.

The most obvious part of qualifying is the house has to be in North Carolina. Furthermore, you have to occupy it within 60 days of closing. 

There are income limits which vary from by county. But on average statewide a family of 4 can have income from $16,900 to $45040. Visit for exact figures.

The maximum sales price for an FHA loan in "The Research Triangle" for a single family home in 2014 is $271,050. Of course you must be a legal resident and you will need a minimum credit score of 640.

The best types of loans for the first time buyer is the FHA, VA or the USDA loan. These all have low down payments, allow for seller concessions and even down payment assistance.

You can use these loan programs to buy single family, 1-4 units, town homes, condominiums and manufactured homes on land. For certain people you may qualify for a new construction loan.

Hopefully if you're a North Carolina first time home buyer you will find this website helpful. Please share it with your friends by liking us at Facebook and Google+.

Visit the realtors listed on this page for help in your local area. 

Would you like to find out what home buying programs are available?

Check out our first time home buyer programs page for a detailed explanation. As a first time home buyer, you may want to investigate the various FHA Loan products to find which one fits your needs the best.

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