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Online VA Home Loan Questions

So you're looking for an online VA home loan? Well I'm happy to say, you landed at the right place. Not only will you find loads of FREE VA loan information at this site, on this page you will also find a great source for picking my brain and asking your VA questions. Here you can get your own personal answers to all of your questions.

You can either see what others have asked and answered below..... 

Or you can ask your own question by clicking here.

You will find lots of VA loan information by perusing the various questions and answers below. Every question is a good one no matter what you think. 

Since it's your financial future on the line, you must know all there is to know about the VA home loan before you make any major commitment.

VA Loan Information

First off, you need to know if the va home loan is for you or not. So to get into this idea just a little bit, here are a few of qualifications you need to meet:

  • Need to be a Veteran of the Armed Services
  • Have your certificate of eligibility in hand
  • No Bankruptcy in the last 3 years
  • Credit score of a minimum of 620

Now that is just the short list, so to learn more about qualifying for the VA home Loan visit the link just above to go to that page to read more and find additional links to online VA home loan information.

So then, if you have questions on this matter that you do not find answered already here on this page or after browsing this website, then I invite you to ask your questions by using the form on this page. Inside the text box you will find some instructions on how to use the form. It's really simple. All you have to do is follow the easy instructions, leave your name and state in the boxes just below the text box and hit submit.

Then you will be taken to a thank you page. On this page you will be able to preview your questions and see how they will look on this website. Also it will give you the option to check a few boxes (just below your preview) if you want to be notified when I answer your questions. My system will send you an email to let you know when your questions have been answered. Don't worry, nobody but me will see your email and I do not add you to an email list or sell or trade your personal information.

I'm certain that the online VA home loan information you are looking for can be found here. Just keep reading and following the links below if you see a question that has already been asked that is similar to yours. If you do not see one, well then go ahead and ask your own questions. Are you ready to ask??

What Others Have Asked and My Answers

Click below to see the questions and answers from other visitors to this page...

VA Home Loan With Co-Borrower 
My father is a disabled Vietnam vet that does not receive monthly VA benefits but is eligible for the VA loan. He does not recieve enough money to survive …

Veteran Seeking First Home Purchase 
Hello, my name is Patricia G. I am very impressed with your website and your intelligence. Your willingness to educate and help home buyers is awesome. …

VA Home Improvement Loan  
I have read various VA pages of information regarding VA Home Improvement, on one I did read about adding on a 2 car garage. What we need is more house …

Can I Make An Offer On a Foreclosed Home? 
My wife have been searching for a home to purchase for several months in North Carolina, close to the Wilmington area. We finally found a home that we …

Spousal Eligibility for VA Refinance 
My husband who was an Air Force veteran died over 25 years ago at age 38 and I never remarried. He was discharged by reason of physical disability established …

VA Home Loan Certificate Questions 
I used my VA loan to purchase a home in 2000 and sold it and paid off the loan in 2005. I'm applying for certificate of eligibility for re-instatement. …

Qualify for a VA Loan Questions 
I am stationed in Fort Stewart GA, but would like to purchase my home in Orlando FL. Can I do that? The intention is to move-in immediately after I retire …

Can my son or daughter use my Wife's VA Loan? 
To Whom it May Concern: I was wanting to know if my step-children can use my VA loan to buy a house? My husband(their father)is also a vet and we used …

Will we qualify for a mortgage? 
My husband and I are looking into buying our first home together . He has been spending the last few years rebuilding his credit. His score is 642. We …

VA Loan Requirement Problems 
How long does a spouse have to be on a job to be considered to contribute toward the VA loan with her husband? Read on for answer.... Your wife would …

VA Loan Eligibility Questions 
My buyer is purchasing my home through VA. I had a previous buyer who did a home inspection. The new VA buyer wants to use the inspection report already …

VA Loan Closing Costs 
We have put a contract on a home for the full asking price of 364k. In the contract we asked the seller to pay $7000k of the closing costs, but now I'm …

VA Fee's 
Our Builder is offering $3000 towards closing cost if we use a certain mortgage company. This is split 50/50 between the builder and the mortgage company. …

VA Loan for Home Improvement 
My son wants to add an in law apartment to his existing home. His home is not on a VA loan but his mother-in-law is a widow of a 100 percent disability …

VA Vendee Loans 
I have applied for a VA Vendee loan. I am not a Veteran but am taking a repo'd house off the VA's repossessed homes list. This loan product is offered …

VA Loan Fee  
My husband is a Veteran and we are applying for a VA loan. On top of the VA funding fee that we have to pay, the lender still forces us to pay a total …

More VA Loan Information...

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