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Questions and Answers
for VA Loans

Are you looking for eligibility questions and answers for VA loans? Below are the most common ones!

If you're a veteran currently in the military or even the wife of someone associated with either, you've probably done enough research to know that VA home loans are the way to go.

They are easier to qualify for, have lower monthly payments, basically a variety of perks that only someone with a military background and their spouses can take advantage of.

If you think you are ready, be sure to get a lender who is familiar with working with this mortgage option.

The following are some questions and answers that will clear up many unknowns and give you the VA loan information you are seeking.

I'm ready to buy a home and would like to apply for a VA home loan. How do I begin the process?

Any mortgage loan provider that can take part in the VA house loan program can help you and should know all the necessary steps to take. You will also need a Certificate of Eligibility from the VA. Your mortgage loan company will need it to show that you're actually eligible for a VA home loan.

questions and answers for va loans

How can I provide proof that I'm actually qualified?

You'll need to order Form 180 which is called the "Request Pertaining to Military Records". This is the form you'll use if you (or your spouse) are considered active duty or a member of what is called selected reserves.

These forms won't be mailed to the VA but once completed will be mailed to the appropriate department of military service records based on your military status. You'll find specific instructions on the back of the form.

You can find these forms online at the National Archives website. These forms will help you answer anyone's VA eligibility questions regarding your service.

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What's the ideal proof of my military service? I want to get it right the first time!

If you are still active duty, you'll need tot include an original declaration of service signed by, the personnel officer, commander of your unit, or higher office which identifies you and confirms your social security (SS) number and provides the date of your present active duty period and any length of time lost.

Depending on your situation at the time you were discharged, you'll be required to submit paperwork based on that situation be it full military, selective reserves or the National Guard so you'll need to consult with your loan consultant to confirm.

My husband is a deceased veteran. Am I still eligible for a VA home loan?

When it comes to VA loan information as it relates to a deceased veteran, there are different scenarios. If a veteran dies during active duty or as result of a service related disability, the surviving spouse may be eligible for a VA home loan if you apply as the surviving spouse.

This also applies to a spouse or a service person that is a prisoner of war or missing in action. In addition, the surviving spouse who acquired a VA home loan prior to the veteran's death (irregardless of the reason for the death), can get a VA secured interest rate decrease via a refinance loan.

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There are a variety of other service personnel that may be eligible for VA loans including members of organizations like Public Health Service officers, United States Military cadets, Coast Guard and Naval Academies, Airport, National Oceanic & Atmospheric administration and more.

We hope the VA loan information listed above answered some of your questions regarding a VA house loan and wish you all the best in finding the perfect home for you and yours.

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