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Sean Railton

Sean Railton

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When I first graduated from College, I wanted to move to Park City and sell real estate. What I did not understand is that it takes a lot more than guiding people through homes and writing contracts. This was also a point in time when interest rates were above 14%. So I set about getting an education.


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I worked in many aspects of construction from laying out and pouring footings, foundations, flat work, framing and roofing. After several years of that I got into appraising real estate which I have done since 1994. The appraisers that have worked with me have taken over the business and now I have come full circle back to my plans post college.

My experience in construction makes me an asset to many buyers especially first time buyers who grew up in their parents’ home or lived the last several years in a rental and never really had to work with the physical plant of a home.

It is important that they have someone who can tell them why certain roof designs can be a nightmare in the spring when snow melts, or that notices that the concrete has settled as it comes in to the garage and if it can be fixed.

My experience as an appraiser is invaluable. I can help buyers understand the way lenders look at value and help them define a matrix that will help them decide what is valuable to them. You may have heard agents simply talk about "cost per square foot" this is the easiest way to break down value comparison and may be applicable in some situations but it is highly misleading in many others. My experience as an Appraiser has helped me understand all three types of value (market, cost and income) and I can clearly explain why these impact the first time buyer.

Sean Railton
Park City Real Estate
PO Box 681373
Park City, UT 84068

Phone Number: 435-640-2835

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