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Senior Citizen With Judgment, How To Buy Condo

by M.L.

My ex got a 300k judgment for fees against me in family court, non-dischargable according to bankruptcy law. I have no way to pay but have a lifetime annuity he can't touch and court ordered spousal support he can't attach-ironic.

So how could I buy a small condo for myself in California with this sitting judgment? Do I need someone else to get the mortgage and I rent from them?

Can I transfer my homestead in WA state to a California residence after I sell that home-to pay off other debts secured by liens.

I am 62 and facing a real problem with how to provide housing for myself. Thank you.



Hello there M.L.,

You have a very difficult situation here. For one thing, I have never heard of a non dischargeable bankruptcy judgement. It's hard for me to believe you will be strapped with this for life.

You may want to talk with your BK lawyer about a better definition on this.

If you have a judgement against you, I do not think there would be any lenders that would give you a mortgage. So that must be cleared up first and then you need at least 3 years after it has been discharged before you can get a mortgage.

So, if you want to move to CA, you will need to rent because it is very unlikely you can get a mortgage.

As far as homestead transfer, I would not know exactly how that works. If you can get out of the BK lien, then I would think as you take up residency in California you should be able to establish a homestead in that state. It normally requires home ownership I believe, not too sure on this.

I hope this helps, please take good care of yourself.

Kind Regards,

Jeffrey Ragan

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