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Susan Horton -- Palm Realty

by Susan Horton
(Palmdale, CA 93551)

Susan Horton

Susan Horton

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Finding a great real estate agent you can depend on to guide you through your first time home purchase plays a key role in determining your overall happiness once the sale is complete. Your agent must listen carefully to your needs and match it to the right size house, neighborhood, local amenities, and more. They have to know how to work well with other agents, escrow and especially loan officers. That is what I do whenever I work with new buyers.


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When I first meet with a client, I try to get to know their family and what they are looking for in a home because every detail, even the small ones, make all the difference. For instance, if a client tells me they have children, that means they will most likely want to live in a community close to the best schools and safe neighborhoods.

Cul-de-sac homes or gated communities are often some of the best options. I also know where all the best schools are located.

Next, I would ask about how well a buyer might qualify for a home. What is their credit score, income, and savings. Oftentimes, I can help buyers by telling them about programs that are available to someone with lower credit, or ways they might be able to pay less out of pocket money on a purchase.

Almost always, I get this information from trusted loan officers, which is why it helps to have a good working relationship with them because it affects how good of a deal the buyer will receive on a home.

I often prefer to look through listings with my client right there, so we can combine my experience and their housing needs into a neat, complete buying plan. It works well because my knowledge allows me to apply all the tricks of my trade to find the most great deals on homes. Often they are simple, but very effective.

For example: Some families may only want homes with four bedrooms or more, and they will skip the three bedroom listings altogether. However, some houses have bonus rooms, which are just like bedrooms, but without a closet. They are often the same size as a regular bedroom. All you have to do is buy a stand alone closet and you're set.

Before taking buyers out, I go through every single listing and verify that it is within the radius of a suitable area. I then call the listing agents and verify that the properties are fully available, print the listings, and then plan the route so we make the best of our time. My goal is to allow the buyer to think about the enjoyment of the house that they will soon own, not about things that can go wrong.

As far as pricing, everyone is looking for a good deal. I understand the market and can back up my opinion with a quick market analysis before offers are written up. I keep in contact with the listing agent about my client's offer to make sure they are considered and then when escrow starts, I complete everything as early as possible with everyone on my buyer's team--the escrow officer, loan officer, listing agent, home inspector and all others who may become involved.

Everything I do is not difficult and any caring agent can do it. It just takes extra guidance for new buyers, which makes sense because purchasing a house is often a very scary experience and there's a lot of potential for remorse when people become concerned during a purchase. The best way around this type of fear is experienced planning by someone who cares enough to listen, do the research, get along with others, and be proactive.

Susan Horton
Palm Realty
40420 10th Street West
Palmdale, CA 93551

Phone: 661-947-2534



Looking forward to doing business with you real soon.

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