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The Law Of Attraction Got Us A House!

by Diana
(Indiana, USA)

Our Law of Attraction House

Our Law of Attraction House

A couple of years ago, I was living in a small apartment, at an apartment complex in Indiana. My daughter, son-in-law and grandson were living in a similar one, in the next building. I was helping them pay their bills because my son-in-law, though working, couldn't meet his financial responsibilities. So I did what I could, to help out.

After two years of struggle, we decided to try to find a house that we could all live in, together, thereby slicing off a lot of the expense that the two apartments were causing.

I had helped them in the past, but when things went from bad to worse, my credit went down the tubes too. Now, I was wondering how I was going to be able to get a mortgage on this new house we were planning to buy.

It was about this time that I decided to try the Law of Attraction principle to get a house for us. I used all the steps that it took me three years to learn and get the process started. I tried to have faith and never let the idea come into my head, that it wouldn't happen. Two weeks later, something did.

I came out of work one day and for seemingly no reason, I picked up the free real estate magazine for that month. I hadn't done that for years cause I knew that with my bad credit I could never get a mortgage. But that day was different. I picked up the magazine, went to my car and starting looking through it.

Right there on the inside cover, was information about the first-time buyers program that was currently active. I called the Realtor to discuss it and he said that my first step was to call the mortgage broker and see if I could get a mortgage.

That simple call to the Realtor started the entire chain of events that followed. I had no trouble being approved for a loan even though my credit was still terrible. I had no trouble finding a house that we could all appreciate. And finally, I had no trouble closing on that house and moving out of the apartment complex with the rest of my family.

If I hadn't tried the Law of Attraction principle on this one goal, I don't think I would ever have really believed it. But everything fell into place so perfectly and I was given so much help from the Realtor and the mortgage broker, that now, I have complete faith in that principle.

I feel blessed and thank God on a regular basis, for helping us get out of that bad financial situation and acquire a house we now fully enjoy.

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