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First Time Homebuying Not a Charm

In December of 2009 I was twenty, in a University and looking for a way to make extra money. While already spending most of my packed schedule on a casual job I found I needed to build my passive income.

Reading through investment books while I was younger, I had learned about the benefits of real estate investing and its ability to make greater money than other investments. I quickly jumped on the wagon, but with all they tell you about real estate they don’t talk about what goes wrong.

I bought a little house at a good price which I would definitely make a profit if I rented it. I bought my first house and standing with strength and confidence, I looked at the house from afar and was proud. Unfortunately, I found it would be a nightmare.

On the contract they specified that it is not necessary to comment on neighbors or people who are out of control in the neighborhood. A little hoodlum gang had started down the road and were throwing rocks at my empty house during the middle of the night, breaking in and stealing furniture and tearing it apart.

The neighbor was an old hag who loved throwing her rubbish, old clothes and sometimes things that would disgust others over the fence. Happily I found the insurance would pay for the destruction by the hoodlums, but it wasn’t the last of them, they came back even angrier.

I repaired the property and the hoodlums ransacked it again and again. Calling the cops several times, they were unable to prosecute because of a lack of good old neighborly help.

I found I had to sell the property for a lower price just enough to pay off the mortgage. After a while, I saved and was able to purchase a better property and from there I began my good fortune with real estate investing.

Moral of the story...take time to do your homework! Get to know the area before you make a purchase as one of the tips for home buyers, even for an investment.

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How Difficult Home Buying Can Be

My Friends Beautiful Flat

My Friends Beautiful Flat

Several years ago one of my friends wanted to sell his house and buy a flat as he has always wanted to live in a small flat and not in a big house where he was doing lots of work. There was still a lot to do on the house he had.

He could not sell his house with the price he wanted as it was situated in a bad area where all the houses were so cheap. Somehow he managed to sell his house where he had lived all his life and could hardly manage to buy a small flat as the prices went up all at once.

So, he was very worried about that and was nearly homeless. But when one door is closed in front of you another always opens up. He found a flat, a very nice flat that he liked and decided that it must belong to him. So he bought that flat and still lives there.

Though it is not so big and comfortable he likes it a lot and has not even thought about selling or even consider changing his place of living. The flat attracted him and it was the perfect arrangement for him.

So, do the things that you think you would never do. You cannot find out if it will work for you unless you try! Then you will discover the thing that makes you happy which is the most important thing.

Realize it may take time to find that perfect flat that fits your needs and meets your desires.

Of the many tips for home buyers, take your time and buy in a good location! It is well worth the time you spend!

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