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Frequently Asked VA Eligibility Questions

If you have VA eligibility questions and are looking for all the VA home loan information to purchase a dwelling, then you need look no further.

The upcoming is a group of the most frequently asked VA questions. This should give you the basic information needed for obtaining a VA loan.

If you think you are ready, be sure to get a lender who is familiar with working with this mortgage option.

How do you apply for VA home loans?

This is not hard to do. Just go to any lender that takes part in the VA loan program.

One of the things they are going to ask you is if you have established your eligibility. How is this done? You do this by obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility. You obtain this certificate from VA itself.

What is Involved in This Certificate of Eligibility?

VA Eligibility Questions

Of the VA eligibility questions, this one is asked the most. There is a form you have to fill out from the VA that is requesting a determination of your eligibility.

This is Form 26-1880. The name of the form is Request for Determination Eligibility & Available Loan Guarantee Entitlement. Once this form is filled out, you must send it to the local VA regional office. A link to this form is provided below.

You need to send a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty (commonly called DD214) with this form as well. What if your still on active duty? Then you will need to have a statement of service prepared and signed by your commanding officer or personnel officer. This statement should show your dates of current active service and the periods of any time lost.

What happens if I already had a VA Loan?

You can technically get another one, but it will depend on your situation. Have you been released from your earlier VA loan and gotten rid of said property? Then you could get your entitlement brought back for further usage.

To get restoration of entitlement, you've got to mail the VA a finalized VA Form 26-1880 with proof that you sold the property and that the loan has been fully paid.

There are several ways you can submit proof of payment. One is you can use a payoff letter from the lender. Another is you can use the HUD-1 Statement. This is a closing statement you would have received when you sold the property. There are more VA eligibility questions below.

I sold my property and the buyer assumed the VA loan, yet I'm not allowed to get my entitlement restored to buy another house, why?

Sadly in this situation, said entitlement may only get restored if the person assuming said loan is an eligible veteran. This veteran would also have to be willing to submit their own entitlement for the initial entitlement. Then you may be able to have yours restored.

My earlier VA loan was assumed, yet the one assuming the loan defaulted. VA waived any debt, yet I'm ineligible for a new loan? Why?

It might be that VA paid the claim to the mortgage company. In turn, they may have stated that it wasn't your accountability and then waived the debt! Although said debt might well have been waived by VA, the government still shouldered a loan loss. Unfortunately, that means your entitlement cannot be restored until the debt has been paid in full.

These are just a few of the most frequently asked VA eligibility questions. Below is a link to ask your own questions, so if there is something not answered here, be sure to ask! This way you can get additional VA home loan information.

Find More VA Eligibility Questions Below...

Would you like to see Form 26-1880? Click here but be sure to sure to put in the form number 26-1880 in the box asking for it to see the form.

If you have any other VA eligibility questions or would like to see more answers, do not hesitate to look or ask them by clicking on this link.

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