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Spouses Time on The Job

by Albert

How long does a spouse have to be on a job to be considered to contribute toward the VA loan with her husband? Read on for answer....

Your wife would need to have been on the job for at least 2 years before her income can be counted when qualifying for a VA loan or most other loans for that matter.

Now one thing you want to realize, if she has 2 years of employment, even if she had 2-3 jobs during the last 2 years, perhaps they can still be considered.

So, let's say she worked 6 months part time at a local convenience store as a cashier. Then she gets a job at Walmart as a stock person or cashier and she is now working full time for the last 18 months.

Because she is basically in the same line of work (retail) and she improved her income by going from part time to full time, that still would be considered 2 years of employment.

From the lenders point of view, they like to see 2 years of employment in the same line of work.

However in some cases a person could even change their line of work.

Using the same example above, suppose she was going to school while working at the C-Store. Then her schooling finishes after working there for 6 months and she gets a job as a secretary working full time for a lawyer. Now she has worked there for 18 months.

This would still work because she has improved her income situation. She went to school and worked part time, now she is in the profession she took her schooling for. She still has 2 years of employment when added together.

I hope I explained this so you can understand.

I wish you the best.

Kind Regards,

Jeffrey Ragan

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VA Mortgage Papers, Where Do I Find Them?

by Dana

Where or who do I need to Contact to get our VA mortgage papers? Cannot find the correct contact to find out what needs to be done to have this document ready for closing.


Hello Dana,

The papers you are referring to for closing a mortgage would be the "Certificate of Eligibility".

This is a document that only the veteran can get his hands on. The paper will help prove to the lender he or she is qualified for a Veterans Loan.

I am including a link here to a page on my website that shows the 5 steps you need to take to get the document and even the link to the website where you can do it at.

Certificate of Eligibility

Hope this helps,

Jeff Ragan

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Certificate of Eligibility
by: Katherine

It was so cool you included the link in your answer! I was wondering where to find these paper too.

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